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Speaking of Cantonese cuisine varieties in Macau, it all offer high-qualities, unique unforgettable flavors; from traditional to modern, anti-traditional cooking models, combined with Chinese and Western ways. Provided majority Macau hotel outlets that offer spectacular, special chinese flavors with its own authentic tastes; Regardless the top noch services that matters, or the full satisfaction left in its own taste buds, unique aromas and presentations standards etc, it all sank down in mind. Perhaps the eating place set along the roadside encountering the inconspicuous ones; Even the shabbily renovated chinese stall on the street side, could be one of the wonderful spot, which often created lots of surprises.

Cantonese Cuisine

Guang Dong Cuisine, also namely “Cantonese Cuisine”. It all classified as top eight major cuisines, consists of four flavors: Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Dongjiang and Shunde. Provided the fact which Macau mainly located on the south coast West bank, Pearl River Estuary in China; geographically it was close to Guangzhou Province; In fact it all gradually influenced by Guangzhou’s strong food culture till now. Provided these factors, coupled with unique historical cultural background of China and Portugal integrations, accumulated today’s unique dishes.

Because of its strong colonial characteristics that time, it attracted numerous businessmen invest in Hong Kong and Macau those days; Thus, many culinary professionals came to Macau and Hong Kong to show their skills and abilities. Until now, many time-honored Cantonese restaurants in Macau have retained traditional cooking techniques and lost dishes in the Mainland since the 1950s, allowing many gourmets to relish.

This time under my friends’ warm invitation, have gathered to a outstanding chinese restaurant in Taipa, under Michelin’s recommendation, for my friend’s birthday dinner celebration. The previous restaurant was located close to Camoes Garden, Future Bright Amusement Park building named “Ho Kong Chi Kei Food Place”, which inherited Chinese cuisine unique introduction.

The Old Traditional Macau Tastes

The “Old Macau Tradition Association” is located at Taipa Loargo dos Bombeiros; Briefly speaking, the building sit behind Nike outlet at the corner of Rua Cunha, Sai Kei Coffee and Curry Man neighboring those two shops; I guess everyone might grab the location approximate concepts.

The restaurant composes of three floors. Like the old Chi Kei, not luxuriously renovated. Purely based on the shop’s signboard that shows, it’s definetely a good place for private kitchen dining. The ground floor interior decoration looks quite special. It felt a bit like a late-night Japanese-style food store, fit in about six to ten persons. Reaching on the second floor is a relatively simple with chinese rosewood furniture setup; (round three tables). If interested in a big group dinner, might need to book on the third floor, seating up to 20 persons. The terrace on the top floor also an option setting up to six to eight people along the platform. All in all, it is not a luxury hotel enoyment, it felt kind like of a casual meal rather.

The dishes all extraced from Master Guo, anticipated in the Cantonese cuisine industry for years. Now the young vibrant owner Quilo and his team have combined nostalgic dishes with new elements; almost restored the lost traditional Cantonese lost secret recipes.

The Old Times Tastes

As far as the menu is concerned, there are six or eight dishes; first come a giantantic spoon stacking up heavyweighted black truffles placed them on huge Hokkaido scallops; that completely stimulated up my taste buds from start. Then Thai chicken soup and imperial chicken became the number one pioneer. The presentation is not fancy, the chicken is tender and plump, and its junky and meaty. Then came the Thai-style fried shrimp ball, absolutely regarded as authentic traditional dish. All selected flavors seem to give an exact authentic, childhood tasting flashbacks.

Everything’s just about Seafood

There are also salt and pepper lion head fish and pan-fried big-eye chicken that have not been eaten for a long time. It is really not easy to purchase all the seafood fresh, and every plate of food brings out the sweet taste. The most shocking bowl of soup “Shredded Crab meat with rice noodles, chicken oil and egg white” served on the table. Though here comes seafood again, the savory taste really melted the entire me, that don’t eat crab meat often. The chef used another technique serving this dish allowing patrons enjoy seafood in another way, it felt so refreshing.

The must-eat autumn recommendation Standing grain worm, haven’t eaten for five years long. Grained worms are plumpy, mixed with special rice noodles and eggs in the ceramic holder, the beggars bowl. Not many restaurants can cook such traditional flavors again. The worm dish must grab one of the best seasonal period buying them; and the stove temperature too, an important factor dishing out, precise cooking time need to be well controlled.

Right after, the oyster omelette well served on a hot sizzling plate; It is extremely fragrant. The oyster omelette taste not greasy at all. The must-have sake wine baked with enoki mushrooms, accompanying with shocking gigantic Arctic long leg Crab fried rice. Rice soaked to dry when stirred with other ingredients. It does gain a bouncy textures, and it is very compatible with the shredded Arctic Crab.

Other Signature dishes

As per friend’s referrals, introduced their famous shrimp pomelo peel, Steamed chicken with chinse ham and stuffed fried fish intestines, etc., are all promoted on mass media, considered as the most famous old-canton style iconic dishes ages ago. Today, I was fortunate enough to try the variety of dishes from my good friend’s birthday party. The owner especially arranged the dishes himself whole night; considered this is my first visit afterall, everything came to my impression as if I came here long enough with the greatest honor trying good old bosses best “Authentic Macau Taste”. My pleasure definetely next time spend some good time again, on other magnificant dishes;

The unforgettable treats

The most memorable thing is, their free, feeling at ease kind of attitude dealing guests ad hoc requests; The dishes that are often surprising at the end, which went the most memorable part; The birthday host, in particular, provided the best treats ever; together with food and drinks, it made up the whole night flawlessly. Ten of us drank more than ten bottles of red and white wine throughout. This is absolutely one of the precious gathering, with chef’s warmest greetings, definetely worth spend some time revisit again in the near future.

Angela Fung