“Tacho” means a pot in Portuguese, a tools to bring things together.

(Meaning pot or pan), also known as Chau-Chau Pele, is a Macanese variant of Cozido à portuguesa, that is found in Portuguese cuisine, a popular dish to share during holiday feasts with family and friends.

What we do

In Tachos, we gather a group of passionate Macau locals who love food tied up with unique, long East meets West cultural histories.

We armed to grow with Macau Food and Tourism non stop, with bests interactions and historical story telling via technology to each individuals, delivering bests side of local cuisines of all kinds.

We strive the newest, trendy practice introducing food-history-culture all in one go, and yet, our practice allow us explore food navigations in another approach, enjoying food of any kind.

Our Mission and Vision

We keep our Promises, Trust, Respect and Care – through tacho teams, we connect all people together and bring food tasting journeys to the next level.

Culture Diversity Tradition

In Macau, we have 400+ years historical background East blended with West. Such unique Macanese cultures allow Macau shaping to an unique, strong story telling background relating to Food, Drinks and Traditions.

Learn more cultural history and Tradition interests below.

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Inspiring Life Journey

We all wish to have a spectacular, meaningful journeys throughout our life – every journey are unique – your inspirational journey created will always stay in your life time memories.

We eager to anticipate in this meaningful journeys by all means, in different forms.

Please explore our packages how we with.

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Give-back Community

As a grown up local, Macau is not the only place to provide us anything we want to shape up what Macau is now – but also simply is our home.

To reunion our home spirits, we hope we can give-back our community, sustainability and pass our stories, memories to all people eager to know.

Our vision to give back the community roadmaps.

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Next Steps…


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