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Every time you visit the Coloane Wharf, you shall pass the noodle shop, which always bounded full of people. The owner of this property is just opposite to the shop “Ying Kei Fish stall” for half a centuries. Born in a family’ seafood supply background, who now currently own this family-owned noodle restaurant place; would like to locked down considerable amount of local and tourist market demand by setting up this food place. You don’t need to eat authentic, local style seafood items in high-end restaurants and such. You can experience low-cost, high-quality, yummy seafood in Cha Chaan Teng;

Along under direct and approachable Hong Kong-Macau tea house serving styles; under affordable price range offerings. All guests can eat comfortably and happily in a cozy place. All quality products genuinely set at a reasonable price sets; At the price of a dollar deserve a thousand dollars worth value of food enjoyment.

Family owned Dried Seafood Business

Not many restaurants in Macau can provide such kind of rich “Abalone items with local noodle base”; Food items attracting customers’ attention. The family focus in the seafood business for years; the cost of these raw ingredients reasonably well managed. Even all menus contain expensive delicacies and seafood items; most market segment all positioned for general neighborhood spenders; guests re-visiting moments never decline for years. The epidemic influences in recent years doesn’t make them drop one seat out, they’re almost full every day.

Best favorite Signature Dish

I love the oyster king abalone and mushroom dishes which are very eye-catching; and there are many diners patronizing them. Veggie base topped with abalone mushrooms and abalone sauce, well combined. The cost value followed to be more upgraded; and yet the taste is quite good. Their signature dishes; the shark fin noodle soup and cuttlefish pancakes considered a must-try item. A bowl of shark fin soup is selling only seventy dollars; a hundred dollars set below. The noodle soup base in this shop relatively light in flavor. If you need a stronger tastes, you can choose to mix the chili sauce placed on the table; mix with soup base, which instantly bring out the refreshing flavor.

The menu provide cuttlefish with fish maw ball noodles; it is about every customer who comes to this shop will order an extra cuttlefish cake as an additional item. It all inferred that the cuttlefish paste should be popular yummy item; Namely Seafood King marinated puff, all wrapped with decent fillings, all topped with shrimps; a wonton wrapping style with a bit of cuttlefish paste, which tastes quite good, with full freshness. Other well-known dishes include beef brisket noodles with radish in clear soup base; shredded chicken noodles, pork chop buns with special sauce, Sai Kong rice noodles etc; all of which are quite delicious.

Coloane Pier Walk

After eating, please do take a walk through the main road leading to the Coloane Pier. Coloane is a sacred place for leisure and relaxation, surrounded by traces of Portuguese charm and fishing village customs. I could spent hours at will. If fallen in love for hiking is a must-do location point exploring by foot. Coloane Pier been a prosperous, lively public transportation terminal point. Prior Cotai strip and various development that happened; a lot of tourists and local residents rely this pier point; travelling between Coloane, Taipa and Hengqin on the opposite side.

With recent casino development progression all over these years; the completion of the Lotus Bridge and the Cotai strip linkages; The Coloane Pier lost its competitive advantages utilizing its location point and transporting importance. Back to black and white filming times; Coloane pier was a famous filming destination in Hong Kong and Macau; It attracted lots of tourists from different places, re-visiting this lovely Macau terminal point. With the assistance of the Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau and other Macau government departments; Coloane Pier rewarded as part of Macau’s cultural heritage lists this year; Please do take a moment checking out and find the best memories of all.

Angela Fung