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Have you had the delicious food in Macau like a local? If the answer is no, you should! Macanese cuisines is, by definition, Macau’s traditional food, an exotic result of Portuguese and Chinese food combined. It is known as the first fusion cuisine ever. With a history dating back to the 16th century, 2012 marks the year Macanese gastronomy was inscribed as an immaterial heritage element of Macau by UNESCO.

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From tailed made Food journeys, Private dining sessions, Seasonal festive tour to Themed events, we will post updated agenda for each individual to choose.

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Planning is the Key to our upcomings, Talk about it here in glowing, memorable terms with our site representatives will have it or to have it all based on your expectations with the bests, reasonable price set.

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Don’t think this is a same boring tour available in the market! With use of offline / online interactions on how to get there, how to explore along in the shortest period of time, our representative will be there for you on live chats and pre-arranged roadmaps in the shortest period of time.

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