Who We Are

Our Approach

Our young and vibrant team running most magnificent process, provide bests meaningful food journey experience with great personal touches.

Creating bests reputation in market and reach our arms worldwide.

Our Stories

We love our city. We love travel. We love food. We love to connect. We love to share

Meet the Fabulous Team

We love what we do – we share our passion through stories, memories, to all new fellows around the world in one hit

Catharine Wai

People and Resources

Co-Founder, Global Traveler, passionate on food & culture

Angela Fung

All about Technology

Co-Founder, Events Specialist, passionate on spiritual fulfilment & wellness

Tan Ieong

Marketing and All

Co-Founder, Experienced Hotelier, passionate on culture and lifestyle

Next Steps…

To know more how we make all memories met, please feel free and share your expectations !