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Duffy’s Irish Pub, is Macau’s most authentic Irish icon proudly presents.  

The Irish Pub has been long claimed as “the centre of Ireland communities”; it has been an important part of Irish culture for centuries. Most Irish folks, like other asians; felt like a beer afterwork pint somewhere close, neighboring area for good, hope for a non-stop beer flow. They never goes fancy or outrageous price sets, all staff treats guests like friend; everything out of “Homy feel” pub, and thats where Duffy Macau stands.

The Irish Pub functioned as both a place to enjoying food and beverages; watching sports, friends gathering or completely strangers, conversed in a relaxed harmonic atmosphere. Feasts like birthdays, weddings, christenings; or any kind of celebrations you can think of can happen in the bar, same does Duffy here.

Duffy special interior design

Duffy’s had its own cozy spot with furniture and wooden decor; in particular, produced in Ireland and shipped over to Macau. it makes a very warm, homy atmosphere; with a dash of European antique setups; that grabs a strong feeling staying in one of the street pubs in Ireland.

The classic brewery pub theme; the black and white floor tiles, dark wooden walls; and bar counter resembling few good barrels; are all Irish antique features and if raise your head take a quick glance at the ceiling side; it displays very well the silk route drawings, connecting the west n the east together; precisely reflected back to the Portuguese colonial times in Macau.

Duffy’s Snug

Duffy’s Snug (private room with high tables n stools); is a rare example of Irish traditions and set as a great space for family celebrations and special occasions. 

Back in the days, patrons that want a more private drinking session such as policemen, merchants and often ladies; would pay a higher price for drinks in the snug. That’s especially during the time where women couldn’t openly claim that they enjoyed having a pint with friends.

Duffy’s Family  

Duffy is the maiden surname of owner’s beloved mother, Ethel Duffy. All can be spotted throughout the numerous black and white photographs; hanging on the pub’s wooden walls, tracing their full stories. 

There are pictures of their wedding day; smiling Grandpa Barney and Scottish terriers; Family picnic, an teenage Ethel with her brother, grandma Molly; posing near 147 Leighlin Road–the family home of around 50 years. 

One of my favorite photo is a charming hand tinted photograph of young Barney and Molly Duffy with their kids, dating back to 1929.

Irish homy feel

At the Duffy’s, is always like bring you back home showing family photo albums; offering good food and drinks of course; and right after, a good start conversations. You’ll make yourself feel like coming back, seeking for sweet, homy moments, of course with good food and drink. Thats how Duffy welcomes their guests in most times.

Their bartender Sean, a friendly bloke with Irish tattoos nicely craved on both arms; the owner’s younger relative gentlemen, owns the bar corner.

Besides the inevitable Guinness and Hoegardens, there is a variety of draft and bottled beer; as well as home-style rustic Irish dishes to pair with your pint. The shepherd’s pie, buffalo wings and their burgers are super yummy; it goes so well with a pint of beer or cocktail of your own choice; if too much food not preferred. 

Gins and Whiskys 

Surprisingly for a pub, the cocktails here are pretty good too. If craving for a cosmo or Gin tonic, Sean will be happy shake it up for you.

Duffy’s Irish Pub created their list of gins, added up cool bottles like Monkey 47, Tarquin’s and Le Tribute. For beers always first choice, currently offering buy 1 get 1 free; every mon and tues; or even 30% off from any Burger; all night, every night.

For whiskies is a must drink item; you’ll find the all-time favorites such as Jameson, as well as rarer bottles like The Quiet Man and Pearse. 

Duffy’s also stores Scotch, Canadian whiskey, and bourbons. Their menu features a whole page long single malts. Most mature whiskey like Teeling, a 26 year vintage reserve from Ireland, worth giving a taste! 

Angela Fung