Today just finished off walking around the Morro de Hac Sa Family Trail at Long Chao Kok; it mearly took us an hours walk journey. Right after, everyone’s start to think of Kiu Kei Cafe which, needless to say; all arrived at Coloane’s Avenida de Cinco de Outubro meeting area; all spent only five minutes time for a street car parking lot. After car space settled, everyone’s looking forward a full day breakfasts, same time, catch up with Kiu Kei’s lovely owner.

Every time revisitn Kiu Kei would definetely order their popular scrambled egg with beef briket noodles; instant noodle with tomato soup or Ox-tail Macaroni, or melted cheese with Pork chop bun; Well, their Iced lemon tea, Hot Milk Tea, Coffee, etc. are also must order items. While clock still not strike at twelve yet, we nearly getting there given a try on their hidden recipe items; the “Portuguese Home made cooking lunch specials”; Every day having chef presenting different recommended recipes, roughly three to five Main course options. When arrived, saw on the wall a whiteboard menu informing today’s specials, ready to serve after twelve lunch period.

Apart from the above mentioned recommendations, its worth trying their stewed ox-tail; red bean pork knuckles; stewed ox tongue in white wine sauce; tumeric or coconut pork pork shoulder butt; curry chicken; grilled spare ribs; grilled macakerel etc; all menu prepared and decided by chef, paired with rice or bread.

Angela Fung


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