I believed many people would assume “Why bother writing about Hong Kei, after commented by Chau Yuen Fat, the celebrity”. Everyone might acknowledged this is a must-visit place for every traveller try their hand-made coffee whilst visiting Coloane.” They have almost conquered the world about this technique promoting “handmade coffee”, spinning at 400 rpm with bare hands, inspiring the hearts of many foreigners imitating their technique. There are also other popular food n snacks worth mentioning to all readers about Hong Kei.

Hong Kei hand whipped coffee has been operating for more than 20 years; the owner was originally a shipyard worker (near the abandoned shipyard nearby). He accidentally cut the aorta and tendon on his left hand during work. He insisted keeping his left hand when he was about to amputate his limbs advised by his doctor, which, Mr Leung, the owner had no choice, but start to keep exercising achieving his rehabilitation recoveries. This is how “Hong Kei coffee” created. It also became a place where many visitors praise for their frothy, Dalgona instant coffee mixed creations.

Inside this tiny steel house

This kind of “tiny steel-made huts” is the main icon of this shop. This kind of old shop almost turned extinct in Macau. In addition to their food, their neighbouring human touches also remained. Most of their food and beverages uses firewood stove cooking traditional method . Their charcoal grilled bread, toast, pork chop bun, etc., are particularly fragrant. Their pork chop are exceptionally good too. Another outstanding specality was their portuguese spicy sardines; “The Porthos” served in one whole can on the side, selling at reasonable price sets. Served together with instant or rice noodles, it ended up in matched distinct flavors. Their fried chicken wings are also a must-eat at Hon Kei, identified as one of their signature snack items.

Worth mentioning too after eating can take a walk back on the other side of Lai Chi Vun Village. You can also see several old shipyards and small village houses along the way; it was once a glorious ship building factory area. After most shipyards moved back to china, their industry prime times have declined significantly, thus shipment industry ceased its operations ten years ago, currently abandoned nearly 50,000 square meters of unused land. Walking towards the hilltop, a bungalow was built next to the small yard called the Wing Lok Shipyard, and the office named “Macau and Coloane Shipbuilding Association”.

Along the road led to a large courtyard along the western seaside. There is a Portuguese-style bungalow in the courtyard, which is now the office building of Coloane Customs. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau has prioritized its upcoming restorations and revitalization of improved areas around Lai Chi Vun Shipyard coastside. It will eventually turned up as a new cultural and creative marketplace; an leisure plaza point, multi-functional activity space allowance and mable factory exhibition hall for the public, targeting as a main recreational activity, travel and visiting destination point.

Other sight seeing visits

Right in front of the dock, connected to the south along the seaside, here comes the “Coloane Harbour”, about to retire soon. Prior The Cotai Strip and Taipa Macau bridge completion (currently Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho); The pier was the only external public passageways, tunnelling between Macau and Coloane. In the past, fixed shipment transit in between Macau China piers on regular basis. Thus, till now still operate a custom crew next to the pier. After the completion of three-bridge constructions and reclaimation development projects, the utilization rate of this terminal has become lesser and lesser.

There are also other shops and historical siteseeing along the Coloane area along the way worth visiting; The Andrew Bakery, Coloane Pier, New Andrew Coffee Shop, Eduardo Marques Square, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Coloane Library, Coloane Tin Hau Temple; Macau Foundtain square, Fai Kee Tea Restaurant, etc. all worth visiting, grab a quick check-in snap shot.

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