Located at No. 80 in Rua das Estalagens, built prior 1890s. It is one of the classic residential location point sitting on the ground floor. It was also the place where Dr. Sun Yat-sen opened his first pharmacy. It also known as the first Chinese Western Doctor, established a western pharmacy store. Acting an important role bewtween the outpatients and other local clinics in Macau history. To support Sun Yat-sen’s donation of medicines, one of the famous Chinese businessman surnamed Cho, provided No. 80 on Rua das Estalagens to Sun Yat-sen, as a place to stay back and operate his pharmacy. After several transfers and resellings, the same location has also been used for other commercial purposes.

Everything related to the history of Sun Yat-sen

At present, the Macau government has restored all monuments inside by adding in public service facilities, and launched exhibition space visits, including; Sun Yat-sen’s thematic exhibition within the old urban area, the exhibition of building recovery technology project, other building structures displays and exhibiting areas of old ​​historical relics. A previous database of Sun Yat-sen’s activities in Macau still exists and stored as at now, which serves as a showcase for locals understanding the relationship between “Sun Yat-sen and Macau”, and the business model of recent “Modern Macau Pharmacy” demonstrations.

Rua dos Ervanarios story

Speaking of the important street in the district; the “Rua das Estalagens” connects the streets on Rua de Cinco de Outubro, Rua dos Mercadores and Rua dos Ervanarios. Current also known as the three oldest streets in Macau. Rua das Estalagens is one of the famous streets for the Chinese and Western Pharmacuticals.

The street name originate from the area where firestacks was once piled. Since the beginning of Portuguese rule, successive governors of Macau have continued to expand Rua das Estalagens, forming to what it looks like today. The residences along the Estalagens majority hold five-storey, old tenement buildings, with Chinese historical designs, incorporating with Portuguese architectural elements. They are the most classic core local regions of ​​Old Macau’s districts. In addition, the TuDi Gong and Nüwa Temple, as well as the nearby St. Pauls, Camoes Gardens, etc., completely trademarked the establishment of a strong cultural organisation between China and Portugal’s concepts, and its historical value remained very high.

The building designs

The almost hundred twenty year old three-storey building, is also a typical Ling Nam style “bamboo piping” architectural designs; it is one of the classical, commercial and residential building structures that exists in the Old Macau times; composes of lower and upper floors, holding conservational value. This is due to the completion of Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau acquisition and revitalisation to this antique property ten years ago; The interior has lots of Ling Nam-style brick carvings and wooden craftmanships remained behind, as well as other imitated designs.

Each floor’s displays functions

The three storey building all divided into different exhibition sections. The basement level mainly display archaeological relics and unearthed cultural relics; including the foundation structure of the building, and the concave door with the introduction of the wooden door frames. Different huge commentary boards specially designed so that visitors could tour around, while holding up their chosen boards.

The second floor upstairs is the special exhibition area of ​​Sun Yat-sen and Old Macau. It displays the history of the Chinese and Western Pharmacy Bureau as well. It displays the records of Sun Yat-sen when he diagnosed and treated patients; he also borrowed two thousand dollars from Kian Wu Hospital when he estbalished his first pharmacy. Later, the signboard “Yam Heung Chin Guen” displayed as well; A well defined verification about this block previously rented out and sold in shame; previously used as a chinese kung fu hall, linen store and other deeds. All data storage is extremely precious and easy to understand.

Interesting hertiage nearby

In addition to the former site of the Chinese and Western Pharmacy Bureau, there are other interesting exhibition halls nearby; such as the Master Lou Ban Wood Crafting Exhibition Hall and the Pawn Industry Exhibition Hall etc. You all can consider it as part of the itinerary when planning out your local trip.

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