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As soon as picking up the call from Milene, god knows she spot on new food choice again. We all meet up in the neighboring Pantane market store (Mercado Municipal do Patane); Whilst meantime, introducing the restaurant’s mosts respectful owner, Mr. Wong. Apart from looking up just for the sake of enjoying a quick seafood meal; the boss also brought in his self made salted fish for us to explore the real authentic tastes.

When I reached at the doorway saw a gigantic tiger groupa breeding in the blue water tank, special selections from the boss, self picked from the Pantane Market. He reserved a lot like deep-sea bamboo prawns, spotted sea crabs and Razor clams tonight; as well as plates of washed shellfish ready, waiting for us to enjoy.

The flag store Golden Mix Dessert, is located next to the Inner Harbor of Patane Market. Once hit midnight or during public holidays, can see the place full of people. The maximum seating is around twenty, versus the interior deco is fairly trendy; and the most eye-catching goes to the 108-inch super big, high-definition TV screen hang on the wall. The entire atmosphere is kind of like “Night time chill out food lovers” hot spot, where young people would love the most.

Wide variety of food choice

Macau Golden Mix Dessert were one of the hottest dessert spot among locals and tourists segments, suitable for all age range. They kicked started innovative, traditional Hong Kong and Macau dessert concept mixes. The nearby buildings also worth a visit with its own unique historical values such as The Patane Market, Patane Pier 29, Patane Public Library, Kung Fu hall, and so on. If you are not a local, it may be a little hard to find the exact location.

The menu is enriched with full seafood types diversifications, holding both Chinese and Western flavors, adding a flair of Nanyang styles. The savoury items include noodle soup, noodles, spaghetti, stewed rice, fried food, accompanyied with good wine signature dishes. Beverages include smoothies, fresh fruit, juices, milkshakes, and hot selected drinks. Various autumn and winter soothing moisturising chinese soup desserts, stewed coconut sweets, stewed milk, mochi, etc. It also combines its own traditional styles versus its new creativity ideas, launch in tonnes of unique homemade dessert choices, and it all relates to mango-themes. Other signature dishes include mango pho, mango glutinous rice, bird’s nest mango pudding, sea coconut stewed hasmas, and other unique dishes.

Due to the epidemic, the flagship store introduced some nice seafood items this year, attracting more new customers. Apart from fish, prawns, crabs and shellfish are also their main recommendations; all guaranteed picked fresh daily. The owner carefully select each items from the patane market for great quality assurance. If you want to eat “supreme fish types”, you need to notify them one day in advance; the owner will assist picking the freshest, seasonal seafood varieties, from the neighboring fish stalls; On-day freshly pick up at the pier before noon time; waiting till customers all well seated, before all seafood ready to “made fresh”.

Heavyweighted Seafood Choice

First arrive the gigantic scary seafood trunk; I can’t believe such a small dessert store can enjoy such heavyweighted “seafood basket chowder”. The seafood taste not purely came from special seasonings mixtures, but it all just purely came from simple steaming way, with few splashes of chopped garlic. The secret recipe was that the boss will placed some mini clams beside each dish, in order to bring out the true sea water, original seafood tastes.

Its “Swordsmanship” is also indispensable. The spotted sea crab is also an attractive dish; versus the grouper has a “double sliced” skills accompanied with it. Such detailed fish cutting technique allow a normal gigantic fish roughly ten minutes to serve; now only takes five minutes to well done. The fish steamed are entirely detached from the fish bones just right; the fish is sweet and refreshing when eaten. It doesn’t feel overcooked at all. Although the whole making sounds simple; the actual “seafood flavors” cannot be experienced without those prep details.

Comprehensive seafood combinations

Braised clams in white sauce are always the first choice; Four plates of seafood and one gigantic fish, seafood crabs; accompanied with crispy fried snacks, steamed chinese cabbage in oyster sauce, together with three different mango desserts types, just wrapped up the dinner into a perfect ending; Definetely “the cannot missed out” six glasses of signature smoothies, were just indispensable. Each ordered item fits well with each other at the end, even though felt a bit messy, or mismatched when ordered. When all the dishes presented on the table, I felt extremely good and satisfying. And it only took a few hundred dollars only to pay off the bill.

Normally these items only available in big sized restaurants; but right here now can experience them all in such a small sized shop, its just unbelievable. Before we go, Boss Wong gave each of us his home made salted fish; He also share his business heroic stories how to “explore his seafood world.”

The epidemic year

He noticed under epidemic influences all his neighboring business and shipments severely affected this year. Apart from trying his best maintaining his daily breakevens; He also would like to introduce other new innovative dishes, bring some livelihood to his “neighboring business buddies” communities. In addition, he would love to provide his best seafood to customer, meantime acquiring “best mutual benefits and interests” within business supply chains sectors. He aimed encouraging return customers; same side too, bring in new business to other neighboring stores, boosting up nearby local economies.

The importance of Patane Market

Golden Mix Dessert is located at Avenida De demetrio Cinatti, close to the Patane Market (formerly the original site of Nanjing Street). It is the site of the demolished workers’ recreation center. Historically claimed this market has existed since the Ming Dynasty and mainly sell fresh seafood. After the 1970s, renamed as Patane Market (also known as Mercado Municipal do Patane). Ten years ago, the Macau SAR government rebuilt it again, where the complex existed in its presence till now In addition to dynamic public sports facilities provides (rooftop courts, billiard rooms, etc.), there are also libraries and local community activity centers location points nearby. The market also built a three-level car park, recovering the lack of other close by leisure car park facilities in the Patane Districts.

Thus, the historical flow can reflect the dynamics of neighbouring lives in Patane, its progress and current development, which make even more easily understood the reasonsings and root causes behind it; and brings in all consequences of today’s bustling commercial activities setups. If you want to eat nice seafood, you can visit nearby Patane shops too, which is one of the best choice.

Angela Fung