Business operating for nearly fifteen years, located near the Dynasty, London Street, Rua de Londres. Hosted by Japanese chef and his wife, in charge of the front services and greetings; working as a perfect partnering role, they created variety of Japanese dishes for years. The restaurant owned two-stories high. The ground level dominated corely sushi bar area, with few small tables on the side for regular guests mainly; while upstairs has four to six seats combinations, felt kind of spacious with a relatively high ceiling.

Most Drinks and Beverages ever

I have been patronizing them ten years over, I particularly liked sitting at the sushi bar the most. Needless to say, the enthusiastic owners clicked her huge “Sake watery dispenser” and offered a bottle of hot sake; rests who sat down on same floor usually can drink a lot most times. Since they are one of the weekly regulars, they just don’t dare naymore to look at the menu; the chef at the bar will introduce some fresh dishes of the day everytime; their ” Hot food item” is quite good too, they have maintained same standards in the past decades, honestly quite hard to keep that up in general.

The owners, the chef and his wife love to drink so much. A bunch of “Alcoholics” often gathered in the hall. After clock strikes ten after, most stayed over guests will start their party; Japanese whiskey, spirits, sake, any alcohol contented over 20% or more will fit. All wine glass will not leave a drip out of their hands; they will drink flawlessly till the gate is closed.

Other seated guest don’t need to worry at all, shop owner often goes warm-hearted and entertaining; without the need introduced by the couples, will always introduce several good food items naturally. It’s always kind of “non -stop chit chat talks” and “topics round the globe” all brought in the whole night’s talk; Accompanied with food on the side, gradually filled up entire stomach that night right after. Surely the toastings never went missing; suggested not to drive when gettting there.

Canapes and Starters

Japanese pickled cabbage pickles and cold chinese cabbages are must-have items for appetisers. On the side, you can try their seafood sashimi salad, tomato salad and wide range of salad choices making the course in typical Japanese styles, sweet and delicious.

Rest of the Mains

Oden, Japanese-style Fried Chicken, Sake-boiled Clams, Sakura prawns, and Fresh Fried Oysters are also one of the most famous dishes on the menu. Among them, the Miso Mackerel is also very good.

Needless to say, Sashimi and Sushi are must pick items; Best way is to ask Chef at the sushi bar for suggestion ordering fresh Japanese sashimi of the day by flight everyday; Today came with thin sliced Sanma sashimi, sashimi goes so sweet and tender; together with sweet and sour shallot juice and freshly ground green wasabi was just great. It all bring out the fish tastes. By the way, their long-legged crabs are also very nice, however, depending on the seaonal days they stock in for cooking, determined by the chef. Basically, other fish categories can provide stable supply 365 days, yearly. There are many kinds of sushi available, particularly their avocado with soft shell crab sushi also claimed as one of the excellent dish.

Japanese skewers are also one of their main selling items; The assorted skewers are must order item; Besides the Roasted Beef Tongue, Chicken Wings, Mackerel, Wagyu Beef etc, are also outstanding. The other favorites goes to Burdock, Mixed Shrimp Tempura; All presented in small dishes, delivered on the table, the need not to worry about wasting food in many varieties; it all satisfy the need of both filling up the appetite and too, the curiosity trying different food items.

When it comes to Japanese Rice Balls, I need to emphasis in detail here again. The outer surface is crispy like kind of rice burnt in brown color, with four to six fillings options; Among them, my favorite flavor goes to Japanese plum and Muyu shredded Rice Balls, which goes the most outstanding ones. Tonight have picked the Plum Chazuke Rice, which is my best favorite, as well as the Japanese night visitors; eating too much or using it to hangover is the best choice.

Best Japanese Barbeque Pork Ramen

If you like noodle soup, the best thing is to ask the chef order a special Japanese Char Siu Ramen. The soup is sweet and not greasy at all; The Char Siu is mainly lean meat, the overall portion does not occupy too much, and the refreshing bouncy noodles are moderately firm. Other restaurant might use coarse noodles mostly; All concerns came from wine taker’s perspectives, carefully consider guests needs that time while drinking. I’m not worry about getting too full, or even can recover slightly from my hangover after finishing the soup, considerably quite warmy.

My favorite Japanese style jellies

Today have included freshly prepared fish cakes and my favorite jelly as an after-dinner dessert. Today, I’ve been offered the “Mount Fuji” coffee jelly, as well as a jelly made from fresh dragon juice. I have also tried lychee, mango, and fresh and sweet strained watermelon jelly before. After meal finsihed, it must well served and shared with regular customers, with different flavors and cute shapes. Sometimes a special cutie jelly version will be placed on the table once in a while; It is made by special japanese moulding kit, combined with different jelly colors, yet still felt fresh in mind; very much felt kind of Japanese home-made food creation.

It can be seen from every staff and Japanese chef that work there has its own enthusiasm is placed on every dish. Every time you visit them, you can feel the exquisite food and service; the care that can fully recover from the limited access to Japan during Epidemic period; They have long term local and Japanese guests patronising them long time; if time allows, please do visit them and feel their “local” Japanese taste.

Angela Fung


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