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Serenity arises under pandemic outbreaks. Have mastered a good grasp hold in one of the weekend’s evening time slots browse around between the old streets of Rua dos Ervanarios and Patio de Chon Sau of Ruins of St Paul.

How dare missing those havens of old tranquility and elegance of Macau back in my childhood times. The long marble staircase from the Ervanarios, connected to the streets of Ruins of St Paul’s alleyway namely Travessa do Paixao (Connotes “being in love” in Portuguese); That all makes me of think Macau Soul right away, wondering if Higgins (Jacky and David) were in the lounge place. If lucky enough, to drop by for a quick catch ups for updates.

A lucky day today! Me and Jacky wrapped in deepest hugs. As far as the pandemic lock down happened in Kyoto too, David stationed at Yasaka Soul for four months and had not returned to Macau yet.

That was a year ago after we’ve stocked up our wedding wine lists from the Higgins; They’re all in Portuguese varieties including red and white, whisky and champagne selections; It’s been a long time visiting them again today. Meantime, looking forward enjoying the tranquility of the east blend in with the west atmospheres.

It’s just a perfect place

The entire iconic rosewood furniture setups had made a few, slight changes. The round marble dining table and long coffee table nourishes some true nostalgic look on it.

All personal photography collections and antique street paintings hanged on the wall; Injected with enormous local cultural element.

The exhibits of all buddha portraits and worship incense live shots etc., has beautified the entire lounge place. Their loving retirement lifestyles were just enviable.

Portuguese wines only

After settling down not long, have immediately ordered half a bottle of 375 ml Portuguese white Vinho Alentejano 2017 Chanine. The light, fruity flavor stayed in the mouth long. It can’t be washed away easily with its fresh, fragrant layers.

Recalling Pegos Claros Grande Escola 2015 Vinho Tinto Portuguese reds; This is absolutely nostalgic. Again, the countless Douro winery’s Quinta do Crasto, VT’05s, Redomas etc. offering unlimited wine ranges, exclusively from Portugal with over 400 labels. Having said, all stock provides an distinct, unique world of flavors of sophistication, in full grape varieties. Aligned with old aged whiskies and Port selections, which in Macau Soul, you can’t finish them all in few decades’ time.

Best homemade picks

Here comes the food ! Today’s best ordered Pata Negra and Humus. Great to pair with sliced Raw Veggies and Jacky’s homemade bread. Along with a “must eat” traditional chinese egg twists and best favorite spicy fresh olives; Let’s gather and consume the most spectacular savory cruise.

The unforgettable signature Portuguese sardines; The precious cheese selection of all varieties travelling worldwide, having them all hand carried back home; There is no other places in the world like Macau Soul that can integrate such massive unique cultural food focus in one location.

It’s all about Jazz

Listen to the greatest music like Jazz, Blues, Old-Times, Texas Swings, Country, Folk and Classical. They are all Jacky and David’s favorite music series. The old Jazz nights held at the basement was nostalgic. Basement’s actual room size wasn’t huge; roughly a 2.5 meter ceiling high private lounge area, in which, every weekend, fully packed with Jazz fans. The whole audio sound effect have tuned all music to ancient British basement choices, channeled through sixties and seventies classical music.

Green oasis in a Tornado

A lot of people describe Macau Soul as a Green Oasis in a Tornado. A lot of people tried to jumped in here, noticing such attractive watering holes, in the middle of the deserts. They search and placed these tiny little piece of cultural influences in the bustling city like Macau all in one. In which, if that compared in compatible with other books and educational materials, might end up less attractive.

Food for thought

Like David and Jacky, they were deeply attracted by Macau back in the seventies. They moved all antique furniture purchased worldwide from Hong Kong, moving all the way to Macau settling down. In 2008, they have spent almost three years transformed Macau Soul to it’s original look now.

Their philosophies and persistence of all foreign cultures it stands in perseverance; Same time, making good use of geographical atmospheric features, absorbing the most detailed, diversified culture, combine in one spot. They combined art, music, furniture, food and beverages – which beautifully expressed the true essence of the west, blended in with the east cultural mixes.

They learn to strive hard preserving Macau history and local gastronomy cultures; Worth considering local like us to imitate, retaining, create and to share, from generation after generations.

Angela Fung