Charka Space – Hidden Vegetarian space

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Located in one of the small streets of Rua da Campo, the Campo alleyway restaurant Charka Space, composes of two floors. The upper floor has the most seats, using simple interior design with invisible white themed pattern, and wooden furniture as their main feature. Under such atmospheric environment placed natural products for sale; The other corner have placed other consigments such as crystals, essential oils, environmental bags, and other simple fashion clothing for sale; All unique lifestyle products all clear at a glance.

They also host regular watercolor painting workshops at specific timeslots; interested candidates of any age are welcomed; approximately cater four to six people roughly. Workshop lasts two to three-hours, conducted by the designer; Its a great gathering point for those who are interested.

Life philosophies

From food philosophy perspectives which said clearly the restaurant name Charka Space; referred as giving some space to yourself and relax out, allowing the Seven Charkas maintained at a physical and mental balances. The Chinese name (八分目) referred as “Eighty percent ingredients, twenty percent seasoning; Eighty percent time on food prep and twenty percent spent on light, food presentation”. Provided with environmental concerns, using the most natural and healthy food ingredients. Almost ninety percent vegetarian styles preferred – mainly to cherish and make good use of available resources are their biz operating philosophies.

Guest comes first

The shop owner strongly recommend phone booking prior arrival. By informing staff in advance their taste preferences or any food allergy to particular ingredients; or even any ingredients that need to pay attention etc; based on all details drafted out an exact tailor-made menu of the day. Coupled with healthy, simple and exquisite dishes and simple deco styles, the shop has added simple yet, natural way. A reading corner is available on the upper floor, all vegetarian cooking books are for free references; Its a perfect shop having lunch alone, enjoying under peaceful environment or alternatively, catch up with buddy and friends for a simple, plain veggie meal; its also a good spot for photo checkins.

Food varieties

They don’t provide comprehensive lunch menu options; they mainly provide rice, pasta and bread choice. Among them, the “fourth and fifth elements” are the most prominent dishes. “Five Japanese Styles” uses five natural ingredients: Radish, eggplant, mushroom, okra and lotus root, etc. The special made miso sauce integrated with Japanese, Western, and even Thai cooking methods to make up their dish. During afternoon tea time, cakes and desserts served as main items. Although they don’t have any gorgeous decorations as such, they just focuses on its full ingredients.

Japanese style red bean burger is also my favorite vegetarian dish, one of the most popular vegetarian recipe in Japan. The most fascinating part is not just the taste of the veggie-steak itself, but the taste that derived from the chemical changes during cooking valued me the most. Moreover, the chemical change entirely replaced by plant ingredients; together with beetroot coloring toning, plus the tangy-bite texture coming from smoked red kidney bean, its texture and taste will not beat less than other ordinary hamburger steak.

In addition to konjac side dish, burdock shreds and mixed vegetables, homemade tofu and Japanese noodle soup – every time you go you must be eager enjoy eating it. Unfortunately, many times the dish wil sold out very soon after the store opened.

There is also Coconut Eggplant Rice Curry; this dish is mixed with dozens of spices and stewed with curry vegetables. Idea originated from India, combined with curry pumpkin and eggplant rice; that does not feel greasy at all. When you are hungry, it will definitely fill up the huge hunger in the soul.

Angela Fung