Potriat of Saint Andrew Kim

In the previous episode claimed setup a bronze bust of the great Portuguese poet Camoes in the park. Few people noticed that another figure erected in the depths of the park; That is, the Korean Saint Andrew Kim (1821-1846).

His icon also appeared in St. Anthony’s Church. It is very interesting that you can see such unique; a few non-Chinese and non-European statues in Macau.

Saint Andrew Kim is a member of St. Anthony’s Church. He studied theology in the St. Joseph’s Seminary in Macau. He was also the first Korean to become as a priest and a missionary. His icon and relics were dedicated to the members salute.

Sacred sites and historical background

Kim Dae-geon (1821-46) is the first Catholic priest in Korean history. Because the Lee regime in North Korea at that time was hostile to religion; All Catholics persecuted in North Korea. His family was not immune; In 1836, the Paris Foreign Missions mission secretly went to Korea to preach, and baptised Andrew Kim; who was fifteen at the time and took the holy name Andrew Kim.

After becoming a Catholic; Saint Andrew Kim went to the Saint Joseph Monastery in Macau study with the help of French missionaries. During his five years in Macau, he learned theology, philosophy, geography, history, Latin and other knowledge; and spoke French fluently.

It is said that he also studied in the Philippines along his preaching roadmaps; and was later ordained ordained in Shanghai in 1845. He became a priest, and returned to North Korea to preach.

Beheaded and Martyred

In 1842, the Paris Missionary attempted to enter North Korea again for missionary assistance. Saint Andrew Kim then boarded a French warship as an interpreter and planned to travel to and from the motherland. Since the Korean society still regarded Confucianism; as the supreme guidance at that time. The ruler could not accept the ideas of other sects to infuse our country to ensure personal status.

Later, Saint Kim gave up the plan to return to his ancestor’s home in North Korea by the French warship. Three years later Saint Kim finally sneaked back to Seoul; set about arranging the route for foreign missionaries, entering North Korea from Shanghai. After receiving the news, the government accused of spreading “evil doctrine” and sent people to arrest him and related believers. He was finally beheaded and martyred in 1846. At only twenty-five years old, which confirmed the most difficult page in the history of North Korea’s religion.

St. Kim’s Day

It was not until 1984 that the former Pope John Paul II visited South Korea; and canonised Saint Kim together with 103 martyred believers at that time.

In order to commemorate the contribution made by Saint Kim; the Catholic Church designated September 20th as the anniversary of Saint Andrew Kim, and the festival is held in St. Anthony’s Church every year.

The Kim’s influence

Although not many believers were directly influenced by Jin Dajian at that time. He went to Macau and Shanghai to study and teaches with difficulty, which became the accepted encouragement of Catholics to persist in faith.

In addition to the rich religious history, Kim’s story spreads mobile information in Southeast Asia; spreading Catholicism all over the world. Like Saint Kim, using these networks and channels to get out of the motherland and contact the new world. People from other countries have changed their past impressions of North Korea and other countries; and increased their understanding of race and culture from multiple perspectives; the influence is even greater than the current “optical fiber message age”. Saint Kim’s selfless dedication at a young age really wants to learn from him.

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