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Portuguese Bakery is located in one of the hidden street corners; A very well known street named Beco do Sal “Salt Lane”. Yet which, that already existed from the 1950s onwards, a closeby alleyway directing to Rua da Praia do Manduco, a main street focusing on food tradings. When you see the street named “Salt”, everyone might aware already the entire street’s focus purely on salt business. At present, their main business soely on buying and selling groceries as such; and this bakery store all well-positioned themselves selling freshly bakery supplies.

Its not a spacious bakery store; it can handle around twelve seats rougly. Although dine-in a la cartes might not be their shop’s highlights, their bakery items was actually quite famous in Macau. They offer authentic Portuguese bread varieties to mosts Macau’s supermarkets and local stalls. They also provide bakery supplies to other restaurants and hotels; in fact their scaling are quite large. What surprised me was that they opened such store within the narrow streets of hidden alleyways; In which, apparently, intended to reward their neighboring loyal customers by opening shop closeby; And yet, in order to show their gratitude to all returning guests, this shop allows them able to eat freshly bakeries every single day.

Freshly bakeries are their main selling point. From early morning till late afternoon, they also provide simple a la carte meals and special packages with beverages offered. Start from Portuguese-style bread series to freshly squeezed juices; hamburgers, daily soups, and even my best favorite all-day breakfasts packages; it is definetely a good location for people who like quick meals when felt a bit lazy, while looking for healthy choices.

It serves not just only bread

As soon as all get seated, noticed tables are reasonably huge and comfy. The shop were filled with strong coffee aroma; Noon time was exactly the “Out from oven” time; The shop has an open kitchen for public to browse around as well.

Guests can choose a variety of Portuguese bread types, snacks, sweets and pastries; As well as their tempting European desserts from the food shelves. After choosing preferred bakeries can pay at the counter right away. The attendant provide considerate services true from heart; From reheating the bread till placing some jam on it, it all went nicely cut, sliced and place it on the dining table. My best favorite croissants, Portuguese sourdoughs, chocolate brownie cakes, Portuguese ham and cheese coconut bun, Sunny-sided eggs with minced beef toast… they all just my yummy favorite food choices.

Furthermore, their lunch menu include soup of the day, fresh salads and other vegetarian dish options, sandwiches and other all-day dining a la cartes. They also own freshly squeezed juices, frozen beverages, coffee and teas, likewise too say, lactose-free additives items, such as oat milk.

Most authentic Portuguese egg tart taste

The real, authentic Portuguese egg tarts probably related back to the originality of The Andrew’s Bakery. The original Portuguese egg tarts are extremely sweet, and the butterish flavor is quite heavy; When Andrew invented his Portuguese egg tarts in the 1980s, the sweetness was slightly adjusted lighter, and the pastry layers tend to go more crispier. The Macau Portuguese tarts have used British style making. After fine tunned few times, his tarts started to go quite popular.

During its prime times, it was so famous that it all went across the globe; which eventually, have established lots of sub-branches selling their tarts. On the same side, many imitators started to introduce similar Portuguese egg tarts in order to get an extra market share out from the big pie. The well famous Portuguese tarts was gradually evolved into current Macau’s main cultural and travel component, which is a must-eat item for each visitor on board.

When you visit Portuguese Bakery, perhaps you may try their traditional Portuguese egg tart too; which made above said “Traditional Portuguese” flavors.

Angela Fung