Valentine’s Take Away 2020 Trend

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As at today, Macau has been reported no new corona virus cases found for ten days straight, if you are listening to government’s warning “manage your legs staying at home”, you probably have spent most of your time cooking at home all day.

Yet, still remain unknown when our daily lifestyles will be back to “normal state”, everyone till now, are staying at home keeping the contamination cycles valid. Currently most local businesses, especially in food and beverage, are suffering significant drop in businesses, particularly dine ins, 80% above.

Thanks god with the recent popular use of food ordering online platforms, it has definitely shed some light to small medium stores and suppliers retaining some customer base (including frozen meat stores, local fresh green suppliers, supermarket, etc). Some focused food order preparation orders have risen triple times more than normal business days, as reported on news.

Most dine in restaurants have transformed themselves to online/self pick up take away promotions – from take away hot pot to steamed seafood enjoyments, (including utensils provides, condiments, drinks to desserts delivered), not good enough? Grab a assorted Korean hot pot meal of 4, or to wrap up, a dash of bubble tea taste bulk ordering options throughout your day.

Well, like something fresh? you can buy fresh seafood, veggies, cold meats (including secret cooking recipe) made at home and ready less than 12 minutes – delivered at home in an hour’s time.

Celebrating a special day like Valentines yesterday, a 4 course meal all in one go for 2, start with a well packed salad along with a seafood lobster bisque in air tight bags ready to reheat in boiling water, along with a marinated rib eye packed and put in a grill for a nice valentine’s dinner right in front of your table, with a bit of time to cook in 15 minutes for 2, just $688!

Well, some exclusions happened to parents facing their energetic kids, feeling pressured at home with their online studies and to keep them regulated at home….. I believe, and most people would agree, these would be the most fascinating, bonding time together with their loved ones – without the need to work.

I just can’t believe how my friends (and Catherine in particular) made all these dishes at home! (see below)

Next Monday’s weather will significantly drop to 9 degrees celsius. Whether the misty, cold weather is likely to influence the virus spread or not, we should always keep hygienically cleaned, avoid faster spread of virus to different environment under springtime sudden climate changes.

Everyone, stay healthy and all the best – i’m sure the city will resume back to normal very soon.

Angela Fung