Located in the old town of Rua da Cunha Taipa; the hidden Cha Chaan Teng, Pui Kei Cafe has a history of more than 40 years. It also opened a sub-branch in Iao Han District at the beginning of this year. Passing by one of the prosperous streets with simple outfit; everyone might thought it was one of the ordinary Cha Chaan Teng; Well, would love like to patronize this small cafe and enjoy the warming taste and feel.

Keeping its old style

Pui Kei Café retains its old style of a traditional Cha Chaan Teng; the boss claimed Pui Kei was nominated by the previous owner; his name hence has re-named this shop for more than ten years, currently run by his daughter. To retain all favorable guests, they decided to continue to use the shop name “Pui Kei”. Few family members were in charge, operating from 8 am to 5 pm, open from Thurs to Sun.

Due to staffing restrictions, Pui Kei coupled with family style operations; Pui Kei only operate during their leisure time providing high-quality family-style food. Therefore they have chosen every Wednesday as their preparatory food day, ready for the week ahead; and every day back to work an hour earlier, to prepare food of the day. It is a bit of a drama, but the food quality still maintained in one of those days. Each food item were processed slowly with true tastes. Though it takes some time to wait, all food order is nicely cut in exquisite; and the portion is just right, having less worry in wasting too much food; All hot items came from female chefs; having the menu available with seventy different items, which yet, is not easy to maintain.

The Baby Sponge Cake

For more than ten years, I can’t forget their freshly baked “baby sponge cakes”. Almost every time I visit them, it always sold out for the day; but really, it does have its unique taste. Each visit, I would definitely grab a dozen or more baby cakes; sharing with my ex-colleagues during afternoon tea break at a quarter past three. The most famous “walnuts and raisins cakes” are always their trademarks; every hour freshly baked and steaming hot; crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. Their selling point is that their walnuts and dried raisins are just one or two and no more. The homemade cake made of butter, eggs and flour without any additives. The appearance, taste, and fragrances are almost exactly the same as what I like to eat when I am young.

On average, one oven base baked every half an hour, about fifty pieces in one base; and one base sold out just in ten minutes when business is booming. In addition, strip cakes are also very popular; because they do not add other materials, the cakes they make will not go bad after a few days. They are heavy, feel clean, and absolutely guaranteed.

Other Signature Dishes

Apart from Sponge Cakes, Curry Beef Brisket Rice; Pork Chop Buns; Shredded Chicken Dried Noodles; Portuguese Spicy Fish and Oxtail Soup Macaroni; are also Pui Kei’s signature dishes. Having gained substantial influences from Chinese Indonesian ex-generation family cooking background, they learned a lot from it during their childhood; Therefore, the products which contained curry, satay and oxtail soup base has its own unique personalities. Many tourists come here admiringly for their super delicious Oxtail Soup Macaroni. Pui Kei’s homemade Oxtail Soup tastes first-rated in town; in conjunction with with carrots, onions and tomatoes, sweet and sour, that makes very appetizing.

Plated Rice Lunch Set

If don’t want to repeat their long-famous signature dishes today; Will introduce their most exciting lunch set “Plated Rice Set” – which carry out another family-style flavor perspectives.

Today I ordered Beef Tongue with Rice and Chopped Potatoes; Moist Minced Beef Rice with Poached Eggs; Pork Chop Rice with Fresh Tomatos; and Sliced Pork Neck Rice with Shrimp Paste. The Beef Tongue sliced ​​into a generous portion, fried with fragrant sauce. It doesn’t taste too greasy, and topped with an appropriate amount of white rice as a base kind, superb!

Alternatively, other traditional Moist Minced Beef Rice might end up very greasy after eating. Pui Kei’s beef slightly stir fried and mixed with beans and dark soy sauce in the wok; their mince type looks like Bolognese meat sauce, served with white rice. The after taste is completely different; it only belongs to Pui Kei’s unique taste, strong in flavor but not greasy at all.

The beef rice with fresh tomato is also doing very well. The Pork Chop marinated for a long time and has its unique fresh meat taste; served on the table with another special characteristics. Their best classic Pork Neck Rice with Shrimp Paste is here; The fragrant shrimp paste flavor spread throughout the place; the half fatty lean pork with fried sliced cabbage and white rice, neutralizes the greasy feeling. The Sliced Ginger spread all over the shredded pork silver plate; Just like one of the steamed pork cooked by my mother-in-law back then; constantly thinking about having more rice. Coupled with the special Cucumber Sprite Iced Drink, the food is so good that you almost cry in tears.

Coffee and Tea Beverages

Their coffee and milk tea are so special like; they don’t need to promote their special coffee and tea on the spot; will gradually influenced by other customers, definitely a must order hot beverage item every time they go Pui Kei; it’s really an amazing thing grab the best chance to chat with the boss; not just only the family food that carefully concocted all. For them food is more about experiencing a strong, long-lasting human touch that establish on top of it.

Both the boss and guests maintained a good relationship and establish a nostalgia for each other. Every time I come to Rua da Cunha, I would definitely think of them. This is the reason why Pui Kei keep its standing so long in Macau.

Angela Fung


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