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This foodie recommendation is just too much for most locals in Macau; Everyone was so familiar with Kam Seng Chicken Rice Noodles. Its one of my best favorite “must-eat” since I’m a youngster. Located the conjunction between the Rua da Madre Terezina and Avenida Ouvidor Arriaga, another delicatessen with a fifty-year old history. In the 1970s, the clothing and textile industry was relatively prosperous few blocks away. Yet, many students and the clothing industry workers nearby would surely go Kam Seng buy their lunches once in a while, especially takeaways.

During my high-school times, the most eye-catching scene was starting from ten in the morning, crowd began to queue-up for breakfast takeaways. Particularly, there are a lot of students at Sacred Heart Girls’ College and neighboring schools that stayed majority the mosts, all tied up with their pony tails and decent uniforms, patiently waiting for the take-away; Admin officers will prefer take-away during their noon-time meal as I can see; the supporting and cooking staff on floor starts busy from morning till four in the afternoon – before shop close; or while stocks last.

Rice Noodle Curry Sauce Type

Available in lots of varieties – thin or thick noodles, Ho Fun noodles, e-fu noodles and rice noodles. Guessing they might used pork bones as soup base, accompanied with noodle sauce toppings covered in bright orange color. They called it “doubled sauce”. That is, using two special made sauce topped with soup base; which is the most common ordering food item. Seriously, I still can’t differentiate both sauces, indeed, it’s most students’ favorites. To avoid misunderstandings on how those combo mix could be done when ordering, only few limited choices are available with very few changes, making their working life easier.

My favorite rice noodle condiment mix; that is, assorted fried fish piece, dried fish, lean pork. You can add cuttlefish or fish balls, together with doubled sauce base, or even try by adding beef briskets along. Especially their long stewed Beef Au Jus, just taste so enriched.

The curry chicken that I can’t help mentioning, taste a bit like Portuguese Chicken sauce. Beef brisket sauce mixed with curry sauce sound more sophisticated, but the taste is extremely strong, delicious and fragrant. One small tiny bowl can fill the hunger. Coupled with their chili oil stimulating the taste buds, sniffing nose starts gushing out, sweat like crazy to finish up a small bowl of rice noodle; plus a bottle of soda to burp out the oiliness, this bowl of chicken rice noodle is the main soul where Kam Seng stands!

Homemade Chili Sauce

Chili oil all home made, pan fried till dried. It looks like pulpy dried chili grains, with a garlicky taste and a crunchy texture. After infiltrating into the soup base, you’ll discover the red colored chili oil oozed out, sprinkle on the side super salty preserved chinese cabbage, only Kam Seng can wrap up the whole thing

Cooking Mama’s best treats

Kam Seng consistent working style “pursuing refinement, nothing more” is the reason why Kam Seng has not fallen for fifty years. Though there are not many menu options to choose from, the on floor quality supervisions are high; they sold in limited quantities per day, or while stocks last.

The mama-homie, genuine hospitality treats, prompt order-taking skills and swift cooking process is just impeccable. Though there are only ten seats available for dine-ins, you can consider take-away if seats are all full, with a different tasting experience. Many school kids bring back their children, even their grand kids for a good bowl, even after they left the college. Once again, the persistence keeping their traditional, nostalgic taste – all well retained. Its original flavor has passed on to the next generations. It is also the reason why I’m one of their regular patrons for a quick bowl meal.

Angela Fung