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The long-established Luen Kee noodle shop has been in business for more than twenty years. I believed most people in Macau have patronized them. Once hit evening time, in between intersections of Avenida Ferreira Amaral and Ouvidor Arriaga, every passersby got attracted by sparkling lights every night. Shop’s display window completely filled with white smoke, and the food aroma in the shop started piping out; The neighboring guests started to queue up outside the street, entirely symbolizes Luen Kee, forming a huge crowd flowing in and out non-stop; in fact they added up lots of energetic, vibrant vitalities in the dark streets of Macau.

Twenty years unchanged, the owners operate in the steamy noodle stall day after day. If he was not passionate enough anticipate in his job role showing his gratitude to his neighborhoods; no one would ever peddling of a bowl of noodles for just nineteen dollars and a bowl of dessert for eleven dollars only! I believed no one can perform like him today. I always crave for their supper moments every night! their food were just unforgettable. Luen Kee noodle place, who still retain their endless neighborhood memories and human touches, continue to stick with their authentic local food flavors and soothes everyone’s heart.

Signature Wonton Noodles

Every time arrived Luen Kee often went overwhelmed by the boss correspondences; “A bowl of wonton noodles, excuse me …”, “Excuse……” Their answers make you felt scary sometimes. These are their normal practices, I should say; Their standard answers always goes to “Hey Sis, slow down, don’t rush; Their expected obeying attitude “Speak less, do more, just follow” are always their must-follow instructions when dine in.

If you’re in a rush eating, better get prepared in a long painful wait instead of urging for a quick meal. Since business goes far “too good”, they couldn’t even pick up their phone order; it kept ringing non-stop while you wait for your food. There was no other electronic payment system available at the cashier; only cash accepted. They still use their own special ordering way; Majority sit quietly in the shop; perhaps is the happiest moments for most neighboring guests; they either enjoying their food sitting on one side, or coming just for the sake of a quick bite; This is Luen Kee’s iconic view captured every time you reached them.

A bowl of wonton noodles immediately delivered on the assigned table under a hot July night; The soup are undoubtedly clear, all freshly made, piping hot wontons eaten with extreme joy. Each wonton piece beautifully made with thin wrapped fillings, chewed with bouncy textures, taste together with white flat noodles, it all thoroughly immersed in the clear soup; Together with pickled peppers and sour radish condiments, it was just a perfect match. The hot and sour taste brings a bit of sweetness together, it all relieves the noodle’s greasiness and makes it more pungent and appetizing while eating! Every time I reach them, will definitely finish half a bottle of sour radish.

Tofu noodles with minced fish balls

Stirred with fresh minced fish;\, having bones removed, with added seasonings; all beaten up like glued-paste by handmade, in long hours. The light and oily soup base permeated with a fragrant pork bone flavor. It all served on top with rice noodles. The fish ball is tender and delicious with nice fishy taste. The soft tender-like tofu is soothing from mouth to throat, everything was just impeccable.

Curry chicken wings and braised pork belly noodles

The rich and tangy curry chicken wing noodle is also a good spicy choice if wish to challenge your taste buds. The chicken wings soaked in the soup dyed the whole bowl until golden brown. The curry is moderately spicy, not too greasy, and permeates the aroma of old traditional curry flavors. It tastes almost the same when young; In fact it hasn’t changed for the past twenty years. The beef brisket is always a must food item for most locals; Like say the supper time beef brisket rice noodles, seasonal autumn beef brisket in clay pot, and the signature beef brisket noodle available in Cha Chaan Teng restaurant are always the first preference. The stewed beef is so tender and yummy; the gravy almost went busted out, leaking from each beef brisket slices; it all proven over twenty years of hard work and recognition, working everyday non-stop.

Mulberry Egg Tea

When compared with other similar noodle place, Luen Kee’s Mulberry Egg Tea is always a well-known food item. I started enjoying it when young, especially after school or supper time, particularly during cold weather. The nearby neighboring patrons willing to make special trip, reaching them just to get a bowl of egg tea; The tea can clear up the liver itself, and relieve excessive internal heat. The Mulberry egg tea tea has a mild medicinal fragrance; when the eggs smashed and eaten together in a decorated rooster tea bowl; Honestly speaking, it was not a special food item at all; but it is definitely a old memory for most neighboring locals. The mulberry egg tea and water cress dessert currently sold at a super discounted price of $11; When compared, is quite hard to buy a can of coke with the same price.

Luen Kee noodle place believed to be a fascinating location where childhood moments are treasured. Almost every day, every moment in the store is “fully seated”. The most surprising thing was that each item placed on the menu costs only $20 or less! Among them, the recommended beef brisket noodles never disappointed us; and yet, their braised beef brisket always go tender and soft; They also owned secret spicy sauce, which lasts in extreme beef flavors. The deep-fried cuttlefish cakes also considered a must-try, it all went deep-fried until golden brown; The skin is crispy and the meat is elastic and bouncy. All Luen Kee products are seriously worth eating!

Angela Fung