Every time after a weekend Coloane trial hiking, we would definitely go for a quick visit “The furious Macaroni guy”; Coloane Chui Yuen Macaroni Cha Chaan Teng. Though it sounds scary; the name actually came from my husband one time when he hurried rushing for his “food order”. The shop go extremely busy and causes this old folk made a big fuss about him; he threw a stack of paper and a pen telling my hubby write his order on a sheet of paper placed on the table. After then, he gradually slowly create his Macaroni ready for our table; One one to note, if you’re in a rush, please do do somewhere else.

This is how the neighboring placed their orders as well; is also one of the common attitude ordering food in one of the local Cha Chaan Teng. Well, this the childhood memory after all, which is so precious to me.

Actually Old Chui is not scary at all their homemade oxtail soup is always their signature dish; The rests goes to his secret hidden stainless steel house appearance; the chipped plates and utensils; his old style operating their businesses, etc. All these are things that I can’t stop myself reaching Coloane enjoying early breakfasts in such tiny place.

Other food choices

Their Chinese style Minestrone is mixed with Chinese co-Portuguese style in flavor particularly, is the typical “old tastes” flavor. In additional to their home made pork chop, chicken fillet, doubled pan fried eggs with sausages are their bests dishes; Their curry chicken wings with rice noodles are stewed in rich flavor, on top noch overall. Their soup base add-in lots of condiments like chopped potatoes; carrots; chopped tomatoes and cabbages slices; portuguese sausages all made in one pot.

Their buns also tastes good; particularly their condensed butter buns. Their bakery supplier originate locally, their textures are rich and bouncy. Their smooth milk tea mixed with coffee is also very attractive, a small transparent glass with a silver tea pot; When blended in together need to wait around three minutes or more; in order to bring the intense tea flavor out from tea leaves.

Recent years both seniors turned old now; their opening hours turned quite irregular, as well. If not in a rush and wish to see them, please do spend some time visiting them.

Angela Fung


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