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Originate from ancestral home in Chaozhou, established within Macau community ten years and more; focus with greatest dedication promoting Chaoshan Guangdong food culture. To maintain its best authentic Chaozhou flavor, heard Mou I had its own food factory line years ago, to concoct their astonishing “Ping Pong” Beef Balls, Traditional Fish and Pork Meat Balls. Their meatball-making are quite generous in weight, also its munchie-bite textures goes quite refreshing and springy, fully present its fresh-made flavor. Together with pork bone broth and its secret recipe integrations, its pork taste lasts so long and the broth never gets too strong, yet always felt invincible.

Mou I has continually adopt the local market pretty well. The main store currently located in the North Districts; Perhaps intended to save up some rental and ongoing expenses thus, offering now with more reasonable price deals. I prefer eating at Fai Chi Kei store mosts. The inside decoration is quite simple and straight forward. There are rows of long tables set with folding stools, without any other special setup arrangements. Price set fairly reasonable in a way; thus became the most popular dining place for Macau residents.

Rich condiment options

Various sauces placed on the table self serve: Fish sauce, chili oil, dried chili powder, green chili in vinegar etc are all set aside. Only typical Vietnamese restaurants or like Mou I uses fish sauce for their soup noodles. In particular, the fresh sour green chilli is crisp and refreshing; a taste that left behind with a bit of sour and sweetness in it; it all went quite appetising, a perfect combination with mini oysters and minced pork.

Another condiment highlight – “The preserved cabbage”. Locals seldom pick preserved vegetables paired with their main course; but Chaozhou people were so attached to it, consider in great importance infused with dried ingredients, to their meal dishes. By adding on top of the noodles, together with clear soup and other optional ingredients etc. altogether; it goes so well-presented as one, showing its true, unique noodle soup personalities; only Mou I can cook such unique flavors.

Special recommendation

Oysters, pork intestines, and Fish dumplings are also one of its popular traditional Chaoshan eating types. In Chaoshan and Macau, Pork offal such as Pork Belly and Pork Loin, are much more expensive than other lean meat. Therefore, most Mou I’s customers love to match their noodles with Oyster, Pork intestines, Beef Balls, Cuttlefish Balls etc. Pork balls are also quite outstanding; special fillings stuffed inside minced balls, which in other noodle stalls not easy to buy. Chaozhou Fish Ball is also one of the top must order item, considering both styles differ in a way; in general both aroma are quite rich, and yet, the texture is extremely bouncy.

I like Mou I Assorted Pork with Cuttlefish Balls and Vermicelli the most; every time I don’t beef to worry any other complex combo requests. Same side, allow myself to eat all sorts of different ingredients in one bowl, paying at a reasonable price. Of course, their bottled sodas are also the most attractive selling items. Not many places in Macau nowadays insist providing nostalgic bottled drinks.

What makes me the most memorable part of it is their soup base. Though it is made with pork bones – the clear soup base is so tasty that you will immediately finish half a bowl with no doubt. All ingredients can cross-match with each other, totaling more than 50 item mixes. Every time can request n’mix variety of ingredients each time; Chicken wings, Wontons, etc. are always the bests high-quality ones; or when you go different sub-branches, their consistencies always stays.

Overall impression

The store attendant were quite improvised, their service attitude depends on the business that day. In addition, most expereiences are still good, which Mou I is a quick, grab-n-go dining place; as soon as sitting down and order quick, food will arrive within three minutes. It could be claimed as one of the most popular noodle shops for working class and students.

If you just can’t be bothered worrying about what to eat, Mou I is convenient and fast as always. Or anyone who wants to grab a casual meal relieving some cruel starving, Mou I is always the best option around neighboring suburbs.

Angela Fung