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Macanese cuisine always appeal as historical, invaluable Macau cultural reflections. Blended with cross cultural cuisines integrations derived from Europe, Asia and Africa; It all clearly cut out real actual fusion from Eastern and Western cultures; that embodies the co-existence of Macau’s four hundred years culture and city development.

Macanese Cuisine Datbase

Assigned as UNESCO Create Macau City of Gastronomy in 2017. Which Macanese cuisine played an important role sustaining the development of Macau old city existence. Today with the help of cross government exchnages and cooperations; have officially announced the preservance of Macanese gastronomy, the creation of “Macanese Cuisine Datbase”. A platform composes of collecting and sharing documents related to Macanese cuisine and cooking, cuisine recipes and; most attracting cook books all kept in this database.

As such, the program now named as “International Call for Macanesse Cuisine Database”. It composes of database information discussion forum, promoting Gastronomy cultural education, inheritance and public broadcasts.

All well established on the website (, having all materials focuings in English versions. Same side the entire database provide 26 Macanese booklets and magazine related items; 19 hand written books and materials references; All written sources coming from the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and (IIM); International institution of Macau’s collections); Together separately 297 recipes; in which all cookbook source coming from Macanese Library webpage; Macau Institute for Tourism Studies and donations from respective Macanese globally.

Macau Cuisine Datbase provide related 8 video clips to promote; In align with MGT, related School Institute and Travel and Food industries cooperations and productions; promoting more Macanese Cooking and filming; through set of programs promotion Macanease cooking hand craft and cultural exchanges.

All materials were post live on the webpage recently. Please do take a look browse around on some interesting aspects of it. Meantime, remember to write your cook book too if you’re keen on cooking!

Angela Fung