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My last Montanha Russa Park visit was back in my primary school’s annual excursions, named “Kids Hiking”. All students and teachers from the same grade gathered in one, taking school bus direct to the park for picnics and fun games. In those years considered as one of the flagship annual event. The park’s iconic feature start from the entrance, along the walking trails all the way to the top of the hill in a swirl shape. Once reached at the tip of the observation deck kind of felt a bit dizzy though. Honestly, Montanha Russa Park’s facilities doesn’t change a lot; but then yet, the event was claimed as one of the school’s annual program highlight each student would be craving for it each year. Well, why not grabbing the best moments running wild on a study-free day!

Montanha Russa’s History

The architectural design of Montanha Russa Park relatively unique. Established the end of the 19th century; When the Governor Rocha promoted one of the Greenery Project proceed with a Park opening. Back in the old days, the neighboring area was relatively far-off from urban, yet the nearby location were occupied with the Mong Ha cemetery (Due to the inconvenience moving the deceased coffins during Anti-Japanese War, together with insufficient land use in St Miguel Arcanjo Cemetery). No wonder over hundred of years, such historical picnic resort paradise have now turned into a cozy beverage cafe, with food and drinks served. Macau government have optimised entire parks setup and gaming facilities currently, attracted large number of locals, including children and families exploring around.

Have arranged one Sunday afternoon with my family jogging around. You can tell the venue facilitators have spent considerable time beautify existing facilities. Unexpectedly, they’ve setup electric-car playground for kids too. When reached on top of the hill, it hasn’t changed much indeed; you can still see far from distance between the Areia Preta (Hac Sa Van) and Rua dos Pescadores. Walking along the greenery all the way down to the bottom of the hill can see labelled trees and plants, with special names and descriptions on it; apparently it became as one of the most significant landscape scenery afterall.

Pen Hoi Kitchen

Back in those days getting excited about packing some home made items for big picnic day ahead; now found an open door cafe, next to a glasshouse called “Pen Hoi Kitchen”; having less hassles packing food, ready for dine in anytime. Six of us including myself, enjoyed a great afternoon tea time that day. There were not too many patrons though; thus, have enjoyed the best moments under a comfy, autumn breezes.

The coffee did not disappoint us afterall, best paired with condensed milk toast and pork chop bun. Their noodles quite good too; all served in big bowls, with more than twenty different combinations available on the menu item lists; Chinese Agar-Agar, Jelly, Icy Poles, Ribena, etc., also kids best favorites, showing their heartwarming side of it.

Its quite hard to find such leisure place in Macau once again; suggesting to spend one quiet afternoon enjoying tea time with family and friends; whilst kids can play around in the park getting some fresh air.

Angela Fung