Macau Federal Restaurant

Located on the main road Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, next Nam Kwong Building, the Macau Federal Chinese Restaurant has been in business for more than twenty years. There are still some other traditional rare dishes preserved well till now. Majority guests arrive here for morning yum cha or local association dinners. I believed majority locals, including myself; have different unforgettable happy childhood moments at the Federal Luen Bong. As soon as the elevator opened every single day, the crowd merge in like raging river, moving non-stop all day. Those who are waiting majority all seniors and youngsters; its definetely a good place for all family and kids enjoying yum cha gathering over weekends.

Its attractive way

Numerous awarded medals were placed along the doorway; Along the isle the enormous barbeque stall area; including open-style self-pick-up dim sim area, ready-to-order stalls; with extremely fast hands, having furious lady attendant serving; whilst noticing the endless, unseen last dining table row views etc. All these lively, extremely noisy human voices, need to chant own voice high up before attendant hear all requests. The original taste that remained unchanged for years, is one unique characteristic of Federal Restaurant.

The best food ever

The first thing you and your family started with; nourishing chicken feet and fresh cuttlefish balls with boiled lettuce. Apart from that, the must eat pinky freshly steamed beef balls; the spinach dumplings, shrimp dumplings, and steamed pork ribs, are also one of their highlights. Their huge pork soup dumplings also worth trying. Other deep-fried items are also their delicious items. The also can’t missing out golden fish fried puffs, chopped celery fried minced fish cakes; braised wontons and fried taro puffs etc. You can order whatever you like available in hundred choices. During promotional period offering generous, huge crispy fried chicken; versus the steamed and fried items; everything with full varieties on availablity, majority costs sixty eight dollars. The fried rice and noodles are pretty up to standards; especially the dried beef noodle, yangzhou fried rice, and stone pot rice doing pretty well.

There are many varieties of sweets. The freshly made Tofu dessert, magic color jelly cubes (only made in small quantities on Sundays); and their most attractive “Sa-yong”, the chinese donuts. Every time when the attendant bring trays of sayong snack out from the kitchen; mosts customers would quickly “go and grab” all of them. They also provide tofu dessert, fried durian puffs, egg yolk buns; herbal jelly, white sugar cake, sesame roll, ginger cake, egg tart; even my best favorite traditional almond tea also available on the lists.

Associations and dinner gatherings

If you prefer evening meals, you can consider seasonal six or eight dishes recommendations. Without thinking too much on the eating lists; you can get the most valuable items under the best price sets, enjoying their signature dishes up to twelve persons. Their signature soup “Kduzu Root, apricot kernels with raw fish in claypot, with pork steamed knuckles”; everyone can’t help but would surely finishing up several bowls. Kduzu root has the natural effect of cooling down and moisturizing lungs, reducing phlegm, producing body fluids quenching thirst; as well as relieving heat. It is suitable to drink during summer times, or when staying up late at night; Pairing such delicious nautral remedy with raw fish and pork knuckles; it tastes so sweet and rich in flavor, indeed not greasy at all. There is no milky almond or greeny tastes in it.

The modern, red-hot colored decoration; the friendly smile from everyone; each staff and manager in charge will always remember your salutation each visit, providing a wide variety of food choices; in align with regulated front staff well managed and large kitchen team. One yum cha tea meal period can do three to four table turnarounds; Operating from Monday to Sunday, start from eight in the morning till midnight, serving entire public non-stop. It’s quite conceivable gained large number of loyal patrons and local repeating fans supporting them; even during the epidemic period, their business profits never drop; it is also their spiritual “food rituals” for mosts Macau locals.

Angela Fung


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