San Man Kei Pork Chop

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On a clear Saturday morning, it is time to hunt for a rich breakfast. Avoid getting too much trouble looking for a parking space near Northern Districts of Porto Cerco; One of my friend insisted revisiting this tea restaurant today; what we are referring was closeby to Portas Cerco Shopping Centre, the pork chop noodle shop.

For me giving a try on this pork chop doll noodles for breakfast is really a bit way too much; its too heavy and filling afterall; plus the maximum calorie intake allowance for breakfast has unexpectedly exceeding my daily limits. Well, let’s forget about it! let’s go for a heavy breakfast today!

By the way, their filtering “silk-stocking” milk tea doing quite outstanding. Macau’s authentic neighboring “exaggerating” milk tea drinking trend is to hang the “tea strainer” along the glass edges; and after sprinkle your favorite amount of sugar in the tea strainer. Wait for few minutes let ting the tea bags blended with water in richer tea flavors. When you feel its a perfect drinking time, quickly pour the tea into the cup in one straight go; and you’re done in an instant.

Pork chop noodles is the shop’s signature item. Occasionally, the pork chops quality quite erratic; their selling point is not doing thick cuts; Their pork chops are relatively thin layered and fried; thus you can only eat thin, crispy, high-quality pork chop at most times. For San Man Kei, it really depends on your luck that day to eat one damn good piece; Sometimes it depends on whether the business is getting too busy impacting the expected qualities. Most people who visit them can experience a bite of good meat textures, and the fried sauce is slightly seasoned; The fried pork chop outer layer is more crispier and soft. When swallowed, the pork chop meat inside can retain its rich gravies; The mouth taste consists a bit of salty and pepperish flavors , which brings a very pork meat like texture.

Worth trying to challenge your taste buds with the store’s secret Chili spicy sauce. It looks a bit like curry paste kind of; a bit spicy and fragrant; with a bit of pungent in it. But this unique, spicy taste is like eating it in other Cha Chaan Teng when young. Coming to San Man Kei, will definitely think of their spam pork with fried egg noodle; If that’s too spicy for you; please consider put few drops of chilli sauce only; Bear in mind not adding in too much; two or three teaspoons would be good enough. Putting too much chilli sauce might not afford finishing up the whole bowl of noodles, the spiciness was just unimaginable.

Don’t underestimated San Man Kei Bread; Their pig buns goes a perfect match with anything, no matter what fillings are paired within. Many people like to order Portuguese spicy fish buns, pork chop buns, cream buns, etc., which are all my favorites too.

Angela Fung