Sleeping Buddha Nan Shan Temple

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Fuk Hing Street (Rua da Figueira) is located in the St Anthony’s Parish, from Rua dos Cavaleiros to Rua da Entena. It is a brick stone road mapping from the east to west; In Portuguese named Rua de Figueira.

The temple adjacent to Fu Hing Street became one of the richest treasures of Macau’s Chinese Culture. It is also claimed as a place with the most “Exotic temples” in South China region; allowing a group of the greatest goddess settled down and provide blessings to believers. It composes of five temples within the block, namely Nanshan Temple, Bao Gong Temple, Medical Ling Temple (consists of Sleeping Buddha Temple inside); Lu Zu Xian Yuan and Huang Cao Er Xian Temple.

The temple complex is quite distinctive. Five temples are formed horizontally. Although they all arranged in a row; The temples interior were not accessible with each other. The most prosperous incented temple is the Medical Spiritual Temple, which was built in the 21st year of Guang Xu, Ching Dynasty (1895). Historically claimed due to the prevalence of the killing disease spread-out that year; The residents raised funds to drive away their evil spirits. Because of a large-scale illness occurred in Macau that year; The ancient medical knowledge that time were not up to standard as yet; Thus, residents built temples to expel the virus and pray for peace of mind.

Bao Gong Temple is mainly dedicated to the goddess Bao Gong. The Medical Spirit Temple is located next to the Bao Gong Temple, where goddess such as the Sleeping Buddha and Tai Sui are enshrined. This temple is a “Spiritual temple” that responds to follower’s requests; if you plan giving birth to a child, remember to reach the Sleeping Buddha Hall on the second floor and touch the Sleeping Buddha belly by hand.

In addition, this place is also a good place to worship Tai Sui. If encountered committing Tai Sui this year please do remember to enshrine a Tai Sui sacrifice ceremony based on your date of birth’s calculation to get a protection from your spiritual guide for a better health.

Many people have heard of the name “Sleeping Buddha”, and indeed is quite famous locally. It is a good place for negative thoughts releases too.

It is also a tourist attraction location as well as part of the spiritual and believe reliance of each local residents. Visiting Rua da Figueira; you can learn about the local beliefs and customs of Macau; and you can also feel the warmth and peace of this small city.

Angela Fung