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Whilst spending great time with my friend for a quick jogging at The Guia Hill in one of a Thursday mornings; We both went to one of a the hidden restaurant at Horta da Mitra, The Bird’s Paradise. I believed not too many people might heard about this restaurant, open Monday to Saturday, from noon to five. Although it is a small compact place; or might not even occupy ten seats or more. In accordance with specially arranged interior Portuguese tiles, European decorated props with the blossoming green walls; together aligned with the open seatings under the neighboring five storey high rise buildings; everything was just fascinating. As if you’re brought to a foreign coffee shop travelling in an instant. On the same side, provided that they all offer local family-style food, which in fact, which make you felt great when seated.

Patrons normally appear as working officers or from neighbouring individuals; As a frequent visitor dine in at least once a week, I would definetely like to pick a time getting seated prior 12:30. Meantime, will grab the best moments having a great chat with partnering husband and wife owners, while enjoying a decent lunch with loads of human touches.

Everything’s homy

It’s not a superb delicates or fine dining kind of; its just purely popular, self home-made cooking noodle and snacks kind; Special home made Beef Brisket, Beef Tongue with Sausages, Curry Chicken with Piggy buns, Thick sliced Fried Fish Cakes, are always my best favorites. The soup base mostly made from Pork Bones and Vegetables broth, served with udon. When feeling really hungry, would changed to Fusilli fill up my hunger. It’s filling and nutritious in a way; the amount was just right everytime, not worrying too much about wasting food.

Also always unsure why I can get such yummy “Peanut condense milk toasts”, having the edges slightly cut, shaped into a thin squared slice. Together with the toast, it entirely wrapped up my most satisfying lunch that day.

Speaking of beverage items, they do have special “milk tea” made from special machines in such decent place; and of course, my favorite home-made Kumquat Soda. Definetely don’t need to mention too much about their magnificant “coffee”. The price is fairly reasonable too. The annoying part probably goes to the long waiting queue during lunch period; everytime the need to convert all tables three times at least, probably the need to wait till two o’clock for vacancies. If you don’t want to squeeze in waiting for seats, the best time to reach them probably when clock strikes at two or after.

To wrap up here, it’s quite hard to find a such small decent place by wam-hearted couples, operating the entire restaurant. The price is yet quite reasonable too, where the place is hygenically clean and tidy. Most importantly, if you like to do some check-in at Horta da Mitra, taking photoshots about the old neigbboring people and story tellings, this is a place that must come on the spot.

Angela Fung