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Wa Sang Hong Herbalist has its reputation well established in Macau for more than 30 years. Its famous for its authentic turtle jelly, herbal tea and various doube boiled soups; they also hold branches in Macau Galaxy Broadway Food Street providing same services. Meantime also, they also setup sub-branches in Shunde, Zhongshan.

The Famous Turtle Jelly

I prefer buying Turtle Jelly at Horta e Costa flagship store; The nostalgic homemade porcelain tableware and wooden furniture, as well as other deco, were all set back in the 80s; I went so obssessed with it, which always tempted me take numerous snapshots every time when I visit there. The enthusiasm of the proprietress and the heart of neighborhing love and care, has constantly inspired me visiting every time I went pass The Red Market. Turtle Jelly is definetely an must-eat item.

By the way, their Herbal Recipe stated can clear the internal heat and stomach upset gas; which, the effect turned immediate after few hours of intake. Also, paying just forty dollars in exchange for one big bowl, were one of the precious health benefit gain for neighboring guests. The turtle shell used indeed were made of solid natural remedies; each spoonful intake were made from refreshing jelly medicinal combinations; its flavor all originate from sweet and bitter herbal recipes, such as smilax. Without the need neutralising bitterness by springkling white sugar or adding extra syrup in it, I personally can quickly finishing up a large bowl of Turtle Jelly fairly easily. The stomach and intestines felt extremely comfortable after finishing them all.

According to the owner of Wa San Hong; each bowl of turtle shell were made of first-grade shell, which composes more than ten kinds of Chinese medicated herbal ingredients. This secret formulas were mild in nature, healthy and well fit for everyone, feel calm and refreshing. Over the past thrity years, in order to keep up the pace with busy urbaners, they continued plenishing their menu items. From basic items such as Herbal tea, Tutrle Jelly and Hemp Seed drink to Doube Boiled soup, till now the most popular Sweet Dessert selections and Seasonal Steam Rice Dumpling is also a good pick.

Famous Double Boiled Soup

Doubled Boiled Soup is the most popular item among all. Stewed Black-boned Chicken Soup with Ginseng, Stewed Lamb with Chinese Dates and Wolfberries, together with Softshell Turtle Fish, Silkie Chicken etc; It all composes of thirty item and more, simmered in the traditional cermaic bowl for hours. The price is extremely reasonable too, having this kind of personalised service, roughly costs sixty dollars per bowl. Most orders mainly go for takeaway; which the Sweet Dessert items include: Chinese White Fungus with Stewed Papaya, Snow clam paste, Chinese Mulberry in whole Egg Tea, so on.

Every time when rolling into Wa Sang Hong, the owner often kept saying they have utilised true ingredients contribute neighboring patrons’ ultimate health benefits. Nowadays, they tended to get more and more difficult sourcing high-quality turtle shells. Initial cost and ingredients applied based on their traditional secret recipes kept rising higher year by year; which exceeded their budget estimates. Hence, their Turtle Jelly was not aiming just for the sake of making good money out of it; but also to keep every customer’s obsession for their famous Turtle Jelly available everyday.

Youngsters nowadays wont behave like previous generations, taking herbalist remedies cleansing stomach and intestines regularly. Quite often, they will go for Chinese Doctors only when they feel unwell. This perception is so wrong! As a busy urbaner should pay attention to self health, drinking more chinse boiled soup and herbal tea regularly. So that the body will not feel uncomfortable in an instant. That is the best ancient method keeping good health in a structured way.

Angela Fung