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Speaking of local street food, there are several shops start from neighboring street stalls to dine in great spots almost half a century. It is worthwhile mention it again here.

Kung Chai Kei

The Bird’s paradise at Rua da Colina established almost half a century since 1977 back then. The traditional hand crafted, silk pulling coffee and milk tea is a must-try drink for repeating customers. Best favorite thirty years of history, the squid stirred fried noodles, Chinese Stirred Fried Beef Fettuccini and shredded pork in fried noodle base; is one of my best favorite, classic signature dishes. They are all made absolutely stunning than other well known food stalls around.

In addition too, their noodle stalls, dumpling and wontons all unanimously praised. I particularly liked to eat their chicken feet and marinated chicken wings; which served with Hor Fun Noodles soaking up all thick sauces which gives a wild tastes. In January last year, even though the boss inherited his business to the younger generations continuing its operations; He still hoped that Kung Chai Kei would stick back to its authentic menu choices, retained its original tastes, and its restaurant characteristics; which continue to move forward and continue to serve the old neighboring food for more upcoming decades.

Chu Yuen, Chu Fong Fried Noodles

I remembered seeing them using the most traditional cooking styles since a kid; and before sunrise, they already prepared buckets of Chaozhou fish balls ready. The fish balls nowadays is one of my must-eat items. No matter if that’s Chu Yuen or Chu Fung, their Stir fried noodles has its own characteristics. At noon time, you can smell the aroma of fried noodles on both shops. Each restaurant has its own characteristics; I particularly like Chu Yuen bouncy sliced fried fish cake served with congee, Teng Chai Congee, and their most popular Beef tribes with fish ball served in rice noodles;

Never underestimate their Chao Fung Fried Noodles! They all started preparing before dawn; once it at seven started to form a long queue buying their two mix fried noodles. Their stir-fried Hor Fun noodles were made from special soy sauce with lard mixes. Their porridge are also very delicious. The ingredients and portions are huge and the porridge has a very thick tangy base. Each bowl all freshly made and ready to order; they all freshly made in few moments, or even seconds. It’s always best choice to eat them during winter time.

Auntie Cheung’s Place

When asked most locals would definitely know about this well-known restaurant. All food presented are quite traditional: the glutinous rice, Cantonese porridge, vegetarian rice rolls, etc, all items almost available on the rack! I liked their fried rice noodles, chinese sugar water, and other Chinese snacks available. Let’s not consider elaborate about its taste or particular characteristics, or way of making; but should appreciate their insistence providing such consistent, wide variety of Chinese cuisine, for more than 40 years.

Particularly their Chinese New Year’s radish cakes, rice cakes, and fried dumplings; the must eat items for Chinese festivals each year; Also the bacon rice dumplings and lye rice dumplings during Dragon Boat Festival; And too, their Mid-Autumn Festival special moon cakes etc. Every festive season approaching, they would definitely prepare them all and place them outside the shop for sale, which makes the whole street filled with festive atmospheres; and which it attract a lot of locals and nearby residents to Bird’s Paradise buying their seasonal food items.

All kinds of homemade snacks such as red bean paste pastries, boiled rice roll, herbal sweet dumplings, butterfly cakes, etc., all are so authentic, cheap and delicious. Nowadays, the rare peanut with dried fish and pork bone congee, white porridges, sweet tofu dessert with syrup, and other sweet water items etc. can be choose from hundreds items available.

Lou Kai Fong, Choi Lou Kei Cha Chaan Teng

Speaking of these two Cha Chaan Teng, Choi Lou Kei location was previously Lou Kai Fong signature store spot. Lou Kai Fong has now moved along the market street side. They open from 7 o’clock in the morning till 8 o’clock at night; open almost all year-round. In addition to their famous bakery and milk tea coffee items, toast and snacks; Their famous rice dish also worth trying. Cantonese style Omelet with rice, assorted vegetarian rice, Assorted tomato and onion pork chop rice, etc. are part of their signature dishes back then. In addition, they also offer bamboo lamb cubes in hot pot and other local stir fry dishes at night, all offered at a discounted price for the neighboring food lovers. I like their pork chop buns and thick sliced egg sandwiches the most; I would definitely visit them at least once or twice a week.

The neighboring touch

Choi Lou Kei has widely spread out their own food characteristics around the old neighborhood area. After some improvements and renovations, the style is more suitable for young generations. Once hit noon time saw a large crowd of students and officers queuing outside. Their coffee milk tea, aged citrus with honey, satay rice noodle, and the guilty cheese with pork chop served in pineapple buns are always their best buys.

If wish to eat in a more perfect way, you can add sunny side eggs in it to give it a bit of witchy, fatty tastes; the egg yolk all well mixed with pork chop and cheese together with pineapple bun’s pastry sweet tastes; that exactly described Choi Lou Kei’s signature dish. The Cantonese style French toasts has also done a great job. If consider an afternoon tea set, a 20% discount promotion offer after 2:30 every day, settled in cash. Enjoy the special tea snacks at a cheap neighboring local price sets, no wonder is full everyday.

On every first day or the fifteenth day of each lunar month, the special Cantonese style assorted vegetarian rice bowl is a must-eat demanding item for all. It is also a must-have item accompany with a large piece of fish cakes, dried noodles or rice noodle base. Their beef brisket and beef tendons, the pork knuckles, special dumplings and wontons are also good combination with noodle soup base. The other curry chicken dishes, fried pork ribs with bitter melon, special pork chop rice dish, and signature fried rice are quick meal’s best choices.

Angela Fung