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As one of the neighboring grown ups from Bird’s Paradise, made up three meals a day in the nearby restaurants and street everyday indeed, always inseparable.

Why called Bird Garden?

The Bird Garden is an historical residential area, divided by the old city wall in early Macau. The nearby woods and green bushes all densely scattered, which lots of birds stayed in there; that’s how they named it till now. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Bird’s Garden was the very initial, core development focus from the Macau Portuguese authorities. The streets were all planned into grid-shaped streets during the planning phases; This made the Bird’s Garden residence daily flow more concentrated. Each street indeed all properly interconnected and well tidy up. The four mains streets and alleyways completely developed, which thus, making these ancient street more easier to maintain and manageable; therefore, giving the bird paradise a special geographical advantage till now.

The need to mention Bird’s Paradise Market

According to historical records well said, the market already existed as early as the Guang Xu period from the Qing Dynasty; The buildings began dilapidated; which the market rebuilt, completed in 1939, aiming to look like what it is today. The most distinctive feature about this spot is the food stalls that lined up in the crowd; Most existing restaurant and food stalls operate in the Bird’s Paradise for almost half a century. From congee, noodles and rice, to coffee and Cha Chaan Teng; Chinese and Western dine in restaurants, small stir-fries, and even take-out shops; It all gathered and formed unique Chinese and Western, Southeast Asian, Portuguese, Japanese, etc homemade cuisines. It all contribute as local yummy food paradise. During breakfast and noon time, you can see students, working people, the silver-haired retires, including the neighboring government officials; and small number of tourists around, all lining up for lunch.

At present, there are more than hundreds of large and small restaurants in the Bird’s Paradise and nearby areas. The most attractive ones are the shops in Rua da Tomas and nearby market stalls; which opened for nearly forty years or more; Today, let us introduce them all today sharing my childhood tastes and memories.

Chen Kee Noodles

There are many noodle shops around worth introducing. Chen Kee Noodles has a history of more than 40 years and is one of the must-eat noodle stalls start working at noon time. Their soy sauce sauce is absolutely unique, it still retained same flavor existed forty years ago. After many years, their noodle prices have not increased much. They are almost the same as twenty years ago. Today, they still offer a bowl of noodles for just $30; which still at a consistent qualities for many years. It is really rare in Macau to see such restaurant like them. They also have ox heart and diaphragms, fresh sliced marinated local beef; and provide distinct fresh food products from the market. Their Burger steak, fish cakes, chicken feet, and delicious dumplings wontons, served with rice noodles or refreshing egg noodles, are Chen Kee’s signature dishes.

Long Kee hidden famous “A Mini Cup” of Coffee

Next to Chen Ji, if not identified by an typical old neighboring local; it is quite hard, or even impossible to see what this shop is selling. I remembered when young, shop owner mainly sell charcoaled coffee, toast, and spicy fish instant noodles; are one of the famous little Chaa Chan Teng take away spot. At present, due to safety reasons; Charcoal grilled coffee now no longer served; But her “mini cup” milk tea coffee still maintains its old standards and tastes; Her high “quality” pork chop buns goes to “crispy toasted kind” that love to eat so much when young. The bread ingredients highly nutritional, and highly contented. The richness, plus the thick butter and sugar sprinkles offered by the owner; This breakfast is a must to eat at least once a week.

Sing Kee Desserts and Sugar Water

Selling herbal jelly during summer time and sweet glutinous rice balls in winter. I always think of their bead curd yuba with whole eggs in syrup and glutinous rice balls. In addition to their green and red bean flavor, sesame is also one of my favorites. During summer time, they moved their business into mentioned soy milk and jelly items. The owners and several of their brothers and sisters have been staying in the bird’s paradise for more than half a decade. It would be better off if they sell their fried snacks back then.

The next series of Bird’s paradise food check out point will see several more famous good restaurant recommendations; Their signature dishes, and their interesting histories of all.

Angela Fung