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Have spent one pleasant September evening at Voyages by Alain Ducasse for my birthday dinner. My last visit was a month right after its opening back in 2018, having tried their best of Chinese and Western fusion concepts, blended with a touch of Thai, Chinese and Indian injections. Their traditional French menu has brought me some surprises; Again, definitely worthwhile recommend this superb place.

French celebrity Chef Ducasse stretched his arms high up on the third floor, Morpheus Hotel in the City of Dreams (namely Alain Ducasse at Morpheus) and Voyages by Alain Ducasse, focusing international delicacies. Among both, the main Alain Ducasse at Morpheus won the two-star honor of Michelin star award right after its opening back in 2018; If wish to try a nice casual dinner, Voyages is always the best option; Voyages not only fall within affordable market price-range sets – all inspirations, in parallel with various different countries’ best ingredients, cooking each dish in its highest qualities. There’s no fix menu, chef regularly alter food items each season, reflecting best ingredient presentations.

The Interactive Wine Cellars

The Voyages is the only restaurant that goes under the Alain Ducasse group with an interactive Wine Cellar. Patrons can walk into the wine cellar selecting their best preferred wine, enjoying snacks before dinner starts. I particularly liked the Secret Green Room, originate from an refreshing, modern decoration outfit – embedded with a slight, natural green environmental integrations; Whilst enjoy drinking cocktails all the way, viewing out the stunning scenery throughout.

The restaurant include Ducas limited edition French Grey Goose Vodka, Rum, Sake, Champagne, and White Tea from Paris brand Kusmi Tea. Among them, the Champagne Selection Alain Ducasse Brut, the self-owned champagne, is a medium-grade wine with a strong taste. It is made with grapes from Lanson Champagne. Is definitely a good place for wine tasting.

The Interiors

The best unique decor need to pay attention was the sharp orange glass wall that contained over hundreds of Asian food tile drawings. The iconic Giant Octopus oil painting that hanged up with the bright orange wall, accompanied with wood furniture designs, has filled up the entire dining area with unique, modern tastes.

The Gin Trolley

My greatest honor introduce their Gin Trolley; I believed many people have experienced such kind of cart services in a Michelin-star rated restaurant. This time given my first attempt in a chosen fruity tastes, with a bit of black pepper spiciness; Well mix with fresh fruits too such as: Orange, Apple, Lemongrass, etc. When first tasted felt quite refreshing; Definitely a good choice prior appetisers.

The Appetisers

Let’s get started with Amuse Bouche – The French Cheese Balls. The taste is not too salty, whilst the texture is so soft when bite; Not long, appetisers served on the table “The Premium Oysters with Caviar”. The presentation is so attractive – Dried ice and fresh seaweed are placed in a fashionable black porcelain container as a base look; The taste is refreshing, with sea water and Caviar placed on top. The sauce and salty taste are just right; The price is also reasonable too. I didn’t expect just eighty dollars spent worth of such special oysters tonight! Attached also special made crushed ice vinegar; the sensations between the cold-n-sour is really new to me.

The Salad

There came the Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad; Just purely looking for some green appetisers, didn’t expect the cheese melted the entire me; Vegetables were extremely fresh, corely use of Green and Red Tomato Mixes, Green Peppers, Anchovies, and thick Cheese Crisps. Even though might not be a special dish kind of; in fact has rounded-up a true satisfying move, well on the spot. The overall impression was just great.

Spectacular French Onion Soup

Here comes the Classic French Onion Soup. It is definitely not easy to cook in its best form; The first bite came from the fluffy melted cheese, tearing off tiny slices of cheese traces hang beside your mouth; Perhaps well mixed with other combined cheese types; The French Onion Soup by tradition normally uses Gruyère Cheese. Its texture taste a bit strong and heavy as usual; On the vice versa, Voyages’ Onion Soup does not have such feeling at all. Right under the cheese layers are sliced-cubed bread, which absorbs the soup’s essence; The bread tasted quite dried, with no excessive greasiness left behind.

After series of narrations conducted by the Restaurant Manager, the bread used might originate from dried Baguettes; After dried n’ baked, they are all well-added in the soup base; layered with a yummy cheese layer on top of it, right in the oven, turned until golden brown. Not only just that, the bread that contained does not absorb any excessive oil in it. Though is one of the ordinary dish that can try anytime, anywhere; Its attentiveness and details just wins all. Creating such item would definitely need to consume long time to make the best of it, out from such traditional, authentic French item. You can taste their passion with no doubt.

Main courses

My bests favorite dish: The Grilled French Duck – made with White Peaches, Almond Paste and Red Wine; The most fascinating signature item within Alain Ducasse. Imitates from the Dolce Forte Italian Sauce cooking styles -with uses of Sour Red Wine base, Star Anise and Sichuan Spices Mixtures, infused in full Asian flavors. For side dish, have used Japanese imported White Peaches, together with Almond, Chinese cabbage, etc. served on the side. Here comes the juicy part! Sliced French Duck with use of special slow-cooking method, finishing up in fresh red meat color; which is so soft and tender to me! There’s no pink-juice leak-outs throughout the whole course. I believed with use of special slow cooking styles has retained its original freshness and textures.

This time did not deliberately ask for their signature dish – The Wellington Beef Tenderloin. Instead, have tried their Classic Grilled Beef Sirloin 280g, with home made French Fries. The medium rare half-cooked meat was just right, bouncy, not chewy and kept its freshness. Together with their special Béarnaise and Peppercorn Sauce, the two sauces gained a wild tastes.

Most exciting Alain’s desserts

The most exciting part finally goes to “Alain’s Desserts”. I was too full that I have no rooms for their desserts anymore! The manager have specially arranged their homemade vanilla ice cream as my mini birthday cake celebration; In addition too, offered two extra pieces of dark chocolate – together with my favorite Americano. Let’s not focus on their thoughtful surprises first; Their vanilla ice cream is well mixed with grated vanilla, which is quite hard to find such home made styles in other place. I can’t resist their sweet temptations anymore – finally tried their Mango Passion Fruit Souffle, which never disappoints me. The French copper container took over the entire dessert’s presentation, the sweetness was just right; The appearance is absolutely outstanding; Together with the fresh fruit sorbet served on the side, it perfectly wrapped up this year’s birthday celebration for me.

Angela Fung