Street Food V – Lourenco Market

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St Lourenco Market were located at Rua da Praia do Manduco. This is one of the oldest street in Macau. It connects to main road Rua do Almirante Sergio.

All prosperity gathered at Manduco in early 20th centuries (named Municipal “new” garden”). It was one of the most popular marketplace for trading, food and seafood. Numerous fishing boats were parked at the docking area, where fishing industry reached its prime. It brought a lot of business trading opportunities and crowds formed in the said district. Dry and fresh seafood distributions, equipment and maintenance and sea logistics are one of the main transacting focuses that time.

Today will describe one of the best street food market located at St Lourenco Municipal Market Complex. Most stalls have shifted to market’s second floor, operating 40 plus years. Lets look at few of my favorites stalls, where you can experience all Macau’s authentic food in an hour’s time.

Show your seafood moments

This is one of the best stalls for seafood lovers. Best choice clams with seafood, prawns, oysters in a combo with Vermicelli or noodle, with clear chicken soup. It always comes with preserved cabbage and parsley at your own condiment choices; spicy or not spicy.

Standing Chicken

The best selling Hainan Chicken worthwhile to give a try. Other options include drunken chicken or chicken with chinese herbal soup base with vermicelli. If wish to try a more distinct taste, add more ginger paste with soy sauce along the chicken. It cost around $40 per set.

Miss Smiley BBQ store

The best food that you can find for breakfast, lunch period, and afternoon tea times. It serves distinctive food item per meal period. Definitely gives you great surprises each visit. Auntie Smiley always young in heart, had her best outfit ready, presenting herself everyday.

Morning Offer: Traditional Rice roll

Tailored made Rice rolls with corn, barbeque pork, and scrambled eggs wrapped in roll, served with assorted seafood and soy sauce. Namely “Signature mama dish”. As a tailored made menu for her daughter, food lovers can ask for other own preferred choice make the best combo dish.

Lunch & Afternoon Tea: Barbeque skewers and bread

Highly recommended to give a try, assorted skewers of any kind: Beef ribs, chicken kidneys, soft bones, chicken wings, fish balls. An item you should never went missed. One bite pork bun in a size of a lemon – easy to bite, with marinate flavors taste in boneless pork. Like some veggie kind barbeque made? Can try Okra, mushrooms, eggplant, chopped corn.

Mr Beef Offal

Beef Offal is always been classified as a popular cuisine offered in Asian community for centuries. In the past, beef offal were classified as unwanted items. Quite often, locals often modified and create the best dishes serving on tables. The residue were often classified as the most precious food on earth.

Always occupied with people in long queue waiting for beef congee and assorted beef offal. Mr Beef’s best dish assorted beef offal with radish in curry sauce, mixed briskets congee, and wonton noodle always best picks. They also offer fish balls/cakes, assorted vegetables; accompanying with noodles or congee.

Kuen Kei assorted fried snack

It provides as any kind of fried dish you crave for anytime. Fried wontons, sausages, fish balls, chicken wings, stuffed pepper ad eggplant. Can create your own dish of your preferred choice!

Dessert time! Fuen Kei & Ng Ten Kei

Best dessert dishes to finish off at Lourenco! Exists 40 years more, Fuen Kei sell its best fresh soy bean drink, along with Ng ten Kei fried red bean cake. These are all childhood memories where you can buy along hawkers place in busy main roads.

The increasing new urban development projects have faded off some true colors of the old streets’ look and feel. Most stalls have moved their carts to small physical stores to continue their family business. Their successful stories, specialties and old taste could only be heard and inherited from old folks, word of mouth.

As a part of local community, we should look for ways get connected with new comers – to spread out and embrace their specialty globally. Thus we can help and keep their tradition in each ones heart forever, ever.

In the next few chapters briefly describe some old streets at St Lourenco, its history and place worth for eating around.

Angela Fung