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Last chapter we mentioned about Portuguese-Macanese cuisine; Located in one of the end part of the alleyway named Rua de S. Roque, the hidden french restaurant named “La Santé”, I guess not a lot of people have noticed this place.

Have chosen two consecutive years selecting this low profile local restaurant celebrate my birthday. Speaking of “La Santé” in French meaning “good health”; For me bring over good fellows over celebrate birthdays, the said restaurant’s name have shown its blessed meaning “wishing them stay healthy as always”.

Due to its room size, the restaurant could manage only 10-14 persons only. If interested trying their lunch or dinner courses, advanced phone booking is requried.

Whats in there

The in-house chef is so considerate, each month they will swap their set menu monthly, all recipes followed by chef’s seasonal ingredients. Hence, all food are guaranteed fresh and healthy; the food presentation not only captured all guests eyeballs, chef also used all different kinds of creativity; combined all local and french cultural components making up the all dishes a perfect one. Apart from food and wine, the restaurant have setup different small detailed decorations and interior design making the place so special; Table labelling and Menus were all hand written.

Chef Chi Lam is a very charming and thoughtful local talent. He framed up his blue ribbon uniform, hand crafted bowl and his certificate hanged high up on the wall for displays; in addition to the tailored made menu designs, together with the enormous ceiling dried floral setup, entirely brought up the whole restaurnat’s personalities. The other side of the wall displayed all local artists masterpieces, its theme mainly focuses on Macau’s historical heritage essentials; the whole place were just like an art exhibition showroom. The dim light and white based simple interior designs, together with use of wooden furniture setups, the place have already rated ninety above.

From dinner discussion

Below roughly introduce lunch and dinner set dishes for references.

Entrée of the day

Quinoa, macherel, crouton: have chosen macherel fish and decorating flower as the main talking point. The taste is simple and memorable, the colored food combination have synchronised both vision and taste sense enjoyments.

“Montgolfière” of snails with mushrooms: The highlight was the baked pastry itself; when pinched a hole on the top layer, the steaming hot flavored smell that came straight up nearly melted my heart. When attempting the first bite, I don’t really feel the oily taste at all, all various herbal combinations, together with the strong mushroom taste exactly fit in the french cuisine’s essentials.

Main Course

Bouillabaise: that composes of seasonal fish poached in a saffron flavoured soup and served with rouille sauce. Each cubed fish fillet all set in the soup saucer. The most refreshing, fascinating part were the shredded saffron, herbs and star anise; they are part of the seafood’s dish decorations that extremely looked elegant. When dish placed on the serving table notied Rouille sauce were served set on separate container; have used chopped bread crumbs, after well-cooked, it separated all fish meat; it all went well, blend-mixed with the fish essence – all soup poured from the container to preset seafood platter saucer; the serving style entirely inspired guests’ atmospheric side of it, something very similar to Portuguese seafood soup Caldeirada.


Hibiscus Jelly, served with Mixed Berries and Basil Foam: all displayed in a martini glass, the overall serving portion was just right. Start from light essence basil foam, paired with mixed berries, the sour and sweet taste enjoying till the bottom part, which is the Hisbiscus jelly all in one go; accompanying with a cup of Espresso neturalise the strong floral taste, it entirely wrapped up the four course dish to a perfect ending.

Executive Lunch – an excellent option

All menu recited and initiated from Chef himself, price range from $138 above; with an option of choosing two or three course. Pumpkin soup is my favorite, or along with a choice of Spinach Cream Soup.

The Main course can go for either French Beacon Pastry Pie, French Duckling Confit or Beef Bourguignon; All dish recommendations belong to iconic french classical cuisine; every dish portion were just right, exactly fit for all office ladies and gentlemens – a quick bite, eat and go perfect spot.

The cannot missed out Chocolate Mousse, and French Cream Burlee choice to sprint off the last course satisfying the taste buds; together with lemon grass or coffee to finish off the last sweet course, that was just absolutely perfect!

The European style design, warm-hearted Chef’s cooking efforts, in search for French ingredients; all charged under reasonable local price range, conducted by Blue Ribbon Chef’s updated menu recipes. In one of the small street alleyway at Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida – Rua de S. Roque, could locate in such special restaurant’s existence, together with enriched European atmospheric urban place that settled nearby, is the best spot for small party celebration, particularly special occasion with close friends, definetely a good restaurant to go with.

I’ve almost forgotten here…… and if time allows, worth try their extensive Red and White Wine lists on stock; Enjoying couple hours with them is a must!

Angela Fung