The Different Macau Oktoberfest Experience

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I believed many people would definitely consider reaching out, getting chilled and relax in one of the Autumn October days. In regardless whether it all happened in Hong Kong or Macau; Majority will choose one of the outdoor celebrating Germany Oktoberfest event, enjoying for a zip up till time for home. Due to the epidemic this year, crowd gathering and other celebration programs fully prohibited;

Under my best friends arrangement, we all chose to stay at home for celebration this year. All set under by my best friend’s cookery plans, it all well-presented on the long table ready to eat and drink, starting from noon time non-stop for five hours. I extremely felt comparably not bad with the past Oktoberfests that I’ve been to.

The Oktoberfest has been holding in Macau for so many years. But then, how did their historical background and the evolutionary of their food culture concepts formed today’s Oktoberfest? Let’s discuss briefly in this column.

“Beer” is a very important part of German culture. The average German individuals drink more than a hundred liters of beer per year; which second goes to the Czech Republic and Austria from the rests of the world. The Munich Oktoberfest held in October every year attract thousands and millions of tourists from all over the world. The beer they consumed can almost filled up three Olympic swimming pool capacities.

Today, Beer is indispensable part from German cultures. In Germany, there are more than a thousand breweries; an annual output of nearly ten billion liters. Each region also has its own special beer; Let’s say for instance, Berliner Weisse, a lactic acid-flavored Berlin wheat beer, Kölsch, a golden and smooth Cologne women’s beer, and Altbier, an old beer brewed using ancient methods.


In Germany, the flagship annual “Munich Oktoberfest” turned as an popular event all over the world each year. Oktoberfest starts on the third Saturday of September every year and ends in early October. It lasts around sixteen days. It is such a pity this year due to various high-risk COVID spreads; Thus, the Munich Oktoberfest 2020 officially cancelled afterall; This is also the first cancellation due to global epidemic issue in history.

Since 1810, originally meant for celebrating the wedding of Prince Ludwig. The said feast gradually then evolved into an annual carnival beer drinking event. October month also happened to be a good harvest season for Barley and Hops. Thus which, after full year of hard work, all intended gathered around in groups together, drinking and revel. During present Oktoberfests, a long-established winery will be selected; decorate a dozen and more large tents, which accommodate thousands of people seated and toast together.

Munich Oktoberfest core events were all set, with wonderful programs happening concurrently; Music groups dancing, brewing, and which also, other suppliers will participate in this event too.

Pretzel Butterfly Cakes, German Pork Knuckles, and Sausages, Gingerbread, etc; all sold on the spot enjoying the German cultures.

The Drinking Beer culture

Prios stepping into Oktoberfest, you must first learn “Prost!” German meaning “Cheers”. When you hear someone yelling “Prost!”; raise your beer glass high up with a toast to everyone; and doing right! You’l realise too there is always someone standing on a chair or table in the tent, getting rid of the remaining beer in his hand. If bottoms up done, he can win the applause of the entire tent; on vice verca, please await for a big boo from the crowd.

Must-eat at Oktoberfest

German Pork Knuckle (Eisbein/Schweinehaxe)

There are two cooking ways of German pork knuckles: Ones in boiled water, originated from Eisbein in northern Germany; which has a soft “broiled meat” texture after cooked.

Another style of cooking, Schweinehaxe is a Southern German cooking method; which the outer skin roasted till crispy; Paired with Sauerkraut with yellow mustard worth a try. Note that the size of a pig’s knuckle is amazing, one serve can enjoyed by two to three persons and more.

Bavarian White Sausage (Weiswurst)

Made with ground beef, marinated pork, parsley, cardamom, onion, spring onions, ginger, lemon and other spices. The taste is so much more tender than the usuals. Mainly cooked in warm water, and slow cooked till done. It is a traditional breakfast Must-eat items.

German Ravioli (Maultasche)

The filling of German Ravioli has grounded pork meat, spinach, bread crust, onion, and celery, all wrapped in dough; Its about the size of a palm, serving 2-4 persons. Most of them cooked with clear soup, which some people like to use fresh squeezing method; and some even use baked till well done with a strong flavor as an option.

Roast Chicken (Hendl)

The best food must-chosen item; the chicken hanged on the rack and rotate continuously, meanwhil, there is a layer of oil on it. The chicken skin turned golden and crispy. If you can’t stop drinking at the Oktoberfest, who can resist this crispy and delicious roast white meat temptation?

Butterfly cake (Brezn)

Also called Pretzel, it looks like a butterfly, treated as a traditional German dessert item. The taste is salty, thick and crispy. Followed too, there is also oversize giant butterfly cake available to choose. Howver, you have to bite hard tear off apart, but the texture is very interesting.

Oktoberfest clothing

At the venue, you can see a group of people and staff wearing traditional Bavarian costumes; girls’ traditional costumes called “Dirndl”, usually shirts, vests, and aprons. Boys called “Lederhose”, including plaid shirts, suspenders, leather shorts, calf socks, and leather shoes. The positioning of the dressing bow on the girl’s apron has a special meaning on it.

On the right referred as “Married”; versus on the left side means “Single”; locked in the middle claimed as “Virgins”; Placing bow behind referred as a “Widow or Waiter”. Men who attended the local celebration can seize the opportunity to meet foreign women and make friends there!

I hope the epidemic will relieved next year; Eventually from there then, grabbing a good opportunity flying over to Germany, experiencing the local atmospheric ambience. Staying in Macau is also a good option enjoying a good time with the main organisers, with traditional German food culture in Macau that has been succeeding for decades; Hope next year can go back to the same said event, enjoying good times we’ve been there for the previous years, along with hundreds and thousands of beer lovers.

Angela Fung