Pesticos or Tapas? 3 Sardines Macau

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Another beautiful place having a great time with a glass of wine and “Pesticos”.

Wait, Pesticos or Tapas? Aperitivo, Canapé appetizers…. in general, we call them “snacks”, or small dishes, along with some alcohol, enjoy under the most atmospheric spot.  Tapas has conquered the whole world nearly, a bite-sized piece of bread topped with some delicious stuff. Pesticos are generally small version of large plates. That is, the basic formula “order more varieties, eat less in portions”. In Portugal we can see Petisqueiras, serving with Portuguese wines.

Pesticos is something that you can eat non-stop, lasts for hours; Particularly during Lisbon summer times, locals loved to pick afternoon times; or even after work, select their appointed “Petiscar” Bar enjoy their best moments. Scattered on the table with a bit of cured ham, cheese and olives in huge varieties with no doubt; together with inspired Portuguese-small ceramic dishes, sitting for hours eating and drinking Happy Hour together.

The 3 young “Sardinhas” have brought this unique culture to Macau at St Lazarus districts.

The two stories restaurant located at “Rua de São Roque”, built a distinctive, red inside-out vintage vibe on it. Everything you see inside fully imported from Portugal – from wall to lighting, props to decos, from plates to cutleries; its original tastes all extracted from Portugal.

Its just like a Museum. Every spot was just perfect taking the best snap shots. I particularly like the olive tree that hang in the middle of the entire place. Olive trees brings fortunate and good luck for business and patrons, all well-presented and hang-in there in a stylish way.

The next spot that I liked the most was the second floor section. All red seats from 70-80s airplane seats taken off Tap – a Portuguese airline that has been in operation since 1945. The motor bikes and all kinds of radio sets; sewing machines, clocks, kids bikes, toys, just brought in all Portuguese vintage old times; all connected in one place, can’t say how beautiful it was!

Whats Pesticos all about

Great catch of the day! Let’s get started with a zip of Sangria and crafted beer; together with Petingas Fritas “The 3 baby Sardines”. Founded by three young Portuguese chefs. Chef Andre recommended the best fried sardines, Padon peppers, Fried beans and Octopus, Pata Preta Iberico Ham and cheese slices; and my best favorite Rabbit Escabeche. Beef cubes, braised ribs, chicken gizzards, Chouriço and Bacalhau are always my must ordered items; There’s so much choice here! and within couple hours we almost finished up ten dishes; It never went bored accompanied with home made bread, with continuous flow of olives and octopus salad.

Just can’ get away with it – Maria Bonita recommend by Chef Andre! So sad that I’ve missed out the Home made Weisse Draft – the best beer with Pestiscos.

The three gentlemen has the greatest vision, around St Lazarus districts as their new culinary startup spot. Including 3 Sardines, owned by same person who also manages Albergue 101 and Pasteis de Chaves. They all aimed bring-in the best food to all locals and food lovers; provide the best ambiance and memories in such spectacular, heritage locations. They even plan for more food and beverage businesses setup opening in the future; making good use of resources and environment available, to spread out the best of Portuguese and local cuisine crossovers; not just tourist, but for all people within the community.

In the next article in detailed describe the Chaves, the best flaky beef pastry shop, located few blocks away from the sardines.

Angela Fung