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Every time felt dizzy or staying up late night from work; I always think of going to the herbal tea corner and eager for a bowl of “chinese herbal tea”. Followed by the rise and rapid casino development over these recent years, more and more people have neglected soups and medicated diets for health well-being; That all means everyone must maintain a body’s yin yang balance with good alignments. Never regret after illness arrived!

The long established U Bo Wo

The long-established U Bao Wo has been in business for nearly twenty years. Within each has its flagship store in Shao Lin Temple near the “three lamplight districts”; Over recent years, they expanded few sub-branches in Praia do Manduco and Taipa, focusing in health and wellness. They prepare traditional herbal tea, chinese boiled soup and desserts everyday; ultimately creating different kinds of herbal items on the racks, which attracted large number of regular customers from the neighboring area. Night workers favorite shop among all.

Yu Wing Lin, the person in charge of U Bo Wo; has been familiar with it decades ago operating as family successor for few generations inherited from her family medical ancestors; the secret formulas and recipes acquired from Qing Dynasty onwards. Counting back, her young years knock in precisely between China’s Cultural Revolutionary era. She found quite difficult looking for new opportunities in medicine practices. After settling in Macau; by one good chance, she created U Bo Wo Herbal Tea Shop, in a different approach to serve the general public.

Flourishes Macau Cultural Heritage

Every time entering the store can always feel the family touches of U. The owner or staff serve herbal tea; which quite often, they always ask “patient” showing their tongue for body checks. After confirming a few “appealing” symptoms or “illness”, they will come up several formulated herbal tea mix from dozens of pre-filled pots at the counter; almost finishing, they will add extra bowl to make a complete the whole medication process. It kind of felt like a little kid getting relieved after finishing a big bowl of herbal tea in front of his mum. The ideal food intake dos and don’ts; and other dietary precautions; repeating constantly from each of them, felt heartwarming.

Under such strong positive energetic support, each time feel unwell; immediately think of Miss U get a big bowl of herbal tea; This is how mother like Yu creating these warm touches to every visitors. Pairing with newly optimized interior design and re-branding merge in; The public acceptance in herbal tea increased higher; comparing the new “unhealthy drink” culture, the hand-shaken beverages launched in the market recent years. Their long resistant traditional herbal tea items has successfully launched into the market in the right mixes. Recent years attracted too younger generations trying their herbal teas; which in turn, continue to blend in Macau local’s cultural chinese heritage industry, continuing to flourish.

The making of Chinese Boiled Soup

Apart from Herbal tea, U Bo Wo make boiled soup seventeen years ago too. It serves only a limited number of time, selling different types of boiled soup in a fixed time every day. The daily serving quantities are on fixed amount, with greatest quality guaranteed. If you need a specific soup item, you must book in advance and pick up on site. The boiled soup always uses the simplest ingredients, maintaining in simple old ways; It stands out the original taste and nutritional flavors from selected ingredients. Quite often not recommended adding too much salt in it. The buyer can decide to buy big or small portion.

24 hours non stop making

All their soups and herbal teas prepared almost 24 hours a day. The selection of herbal ingredients, from the soaking of the medicine to the boiling; the control of the fire throat to the bottle, are all made by hand.

Start to cook medicine at midnight, close the stove at seven; Prepare for the stew and sugar water processing process; it completed dozens of herbal teas and bottles at eight in the morning. They leave the shop on time at ten; and start business from 11:00 to 1:30 in the morning ; Prevention advises done by Yu Baohe and his team. In recent years, Yu’s mother retired recently, the business currently handed over to her daughter managing Yu Baohe.

Many other medicinal shops recommend using a large pot of hot fire processing large quantities herbal soup products. U Bo Wo strongly not recommend this non-traditional approach. They preferably using slow-fire, less-volume selling approach. All products made healthier in a way. This are their difference treating their long-term customers, considering a way of giving back to the local community. Such conscientious enterprise approach has maintained by U Bo Wo exclusively.

Highly recommended Herbal Tea

The Digestive Huanglian Stomach Tea, Twenty-Four Flavors, Chicken Bone Grass, Five Flower Tea; and eight other famous herbal teas are the top ones in the town. The chestnut ginger brown sugar egg tea my best favorite. Stewed Lean Pork Soup with lily buds and white fungus (commonly known as Ching Bo Leung); Stewed Lean Pork with Sea Coconut and Snow Pear in Chun Pui; Chicken stewed with Coconut Ginkgo and Longan; Stewed Crocodile Meat with Cordyceps Flower Soup; Stewed Lean Pork with Dendrobium Ginseng and Ginseng etc; all considered best selling items.

Recently new herbal drinks like sugar cane water; kudzu water; prunella vulgaris; silver chrysanthemum dew, etc.; desserts like mango sago dew; turtle jelly; papaya; snow fungus with fresh milk egg and sago dew; The mulberry egg tea, pumpkin oatmeal Congee, apricot pear and silver dew; snow apricot peach gum one of the best popular items. Meantime the special promotion Or Gao pieces (donkey-hide gelatin health product) nourishes blood, skin, balances the yin and freshened up the lung function; improves sleep, delayed aging, increases immunity, etc. It is always the first choice for women’s best gift and gives body protection.

Angela Fung