Believed majority of locals and tourists are very well familiar with “Bacalhau” delicacy. Originate from the Portuguese wordings, became today’s world famous word “Bacalhau”; Strictly speaking, “Portuguese salted fish”; that is, made from marinated dried cod fish, by many people from different places. Relatively speaking, Bacalhau is not a Portuguese native product. In order to preserve the flavor of the fish, most of the fishermen in the Atlantic chose salting and air-drying to cope with the arrangement of the long return journey. There are similar ways to marinate cod in many places in Europe, but most people prefer Portuguese cod. Macau once known as a fishing village; long for pickled quality fish items. After many years of history and cultural changes in Macau and Portugal crossovers, there are many Portuguese dishes cope with this cod fish theme, it all makes up Macanese dishes blooming.

The Making of Bacalhau

Bacalhau has thousands of cooking methods; Like the Chinese salted fish, the original ingredients can create ever-changing unique dishes. In recent years, due to the surge in the demand for cod, the Bacalhau roll back in those days were no longer a good quality bargain. A piece of such simple Portuguese pickled fish ingredients costs several hundred dollars to buy. A piece of high-quality Bacalhau produced in particular famous location requires sufficient preparation time; in which it requires a long time to soak, and used a unique cooking method in order to bring out its original Portuguese taste.

Today, the price of cod has risen; however, its supply has fallen sharply. Although Bacalhau is no longer a cheap item, it does not destroy from other local people’s love for it. It is still an indispensable and important ingredient in the daily life of every Portuguese authentic meal.

Bacalhau a Bras

Bacalhau a Bras considered as one of the most popular Portuguese home made dishes. Alternatively, it is definitely best match with broccoli or mixed vegetables; Bacalhau balls, Bacalhau fried rice, baked potato and vegetables, etc. One. It long way claimed Bacalhau originated from a village located in central Lisbon; and Bras named as one of the person who invented it.

The method of making fried potato shreds is very simple. Its secret was to acquire better quality semi-marinated Portuguese Bacalhau fish piece. After more than hours of soaking, dry water, well sliced and mix with fried potato shreds; Sautéed with onion and olive oil; Stir-fry fish and thin sliced potato shreds, seasoned with salt and pepper. Preferably add cilantro and egg, dipped evenly, before serving on the plate; So that the egg yolk can evenly penetrated with the potato shreds together with Bacalhau. After serve on the plate after all ingredients in shape and formed together.

The golden fried shredded potato will go more fluffy and loosen up; The salty fragrance of Bacalhau and the egg taste just perfectly matched; Coupled with the onion fragrance released out from the wok; every item from the whole dish makes more prominent. Together with the crispy texture of the potato shreds can complete the whole main dish by yourself without rice.

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