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Unknowingly, Tak Fung Gourmet has opened several branches, located in Rua da Bairro and Fai Chi Kei. Every time you reached there, you don’t have to worry about what you want gonna eat that day; All food photos plastered on the entire wall area, so you can see at one glance. The hot and spicy XO sauce, stacked with fried egg and beef tongue in buns, steamed pork stuffed in fried eggs with rice, coriander with preserved egg soup with beef rice noodles etc; they are all my favorites. Thery also make fried silver needle-shaped rice noodles, seaweed with egg flower flakes with crystal-ball shaped wontons, large-sized crispy french toasts never disappoints me; and too, their bottled home made coffee and milk tea…….

Secret XO Sauce Beef Tongue and fried eggs served in Bun

All food items are exclusive dishes, created by the boss ideas and transformed them in different innovative styles every single day. The secret XO sauce beef tongue with fried egg in bun is on its unique selling item checklists. Their traditional pork bun making is also yummy, and yet crispy and soft at all times. If you want to try more evil eating experiences, you can consider using pineapple buns instead. Very few Char Chaan Teng nowadays would still consider frying the beef tongue in advances in order to lock up the meat’s juiciness; the scrambled eggs best match with homemade XO sauce with pan fried, layered and stack on top of each other, which looks super humongous. For me of course, would not care about my manners anymore but opened wide up my mouth attempting the first bite. The beef tongue is full loaded with strong flavor and tastes so fragrant, it is definitely a heavily weighted Chinese style burger.

Coriander with preserved eggs and sliced beef rice noodles

The soup based tastes like long hours chinese style homy soup; Having preserved eggs in it, helps reducing the internal heatness, and the sliced beef went so tender and delicious; There is no greasy feeling at all, when accompanied with rice noodles. Ordering a large bowl is enough for two persons.

Crystal beads shape Wontons

The home-made “crystal beads shaped” fine-grained wrapped wonton focuses on its wonton skin; other traditional stores normally made large-stuffed wontons. On the other hand, the “Diced shaped” wonton skin is fairly thin and stuffed with pork fillings; the wonton skin tastes bouncy, each wrapping shapes like a translucent crystal beads; when eaten, together with a thick egg flakes soup base, the ingredient fullness was just right, and felt great.

Forget it here now; everything looks so delicious, there’s no need continue writ up other dishes. Why mention this Char Chaan Teng? Let’s put it this way, it’s getting more and more difficult to operate a tea house in Macau nowadays; able to maintain a fairly up to standard, high-quality food place, and setting up in the North Districts, is quite hard to sustain. The reasons behind mentioning this restaurant was firstly to encourage Tak Fung continue their business and maintaining a consistent, food standardisations and alternatively provide delicious food to customers; Secondly, as part of Macau locals, we should expand wide range of food and beverages promotion of local high-quality restaurants around the North Districts, explore and discover more new innovative food items, and to sustain local region’s economy in need;

Definetely not a hot recommended food place. It is a rare, high-quality neighborhood Char Chaan Teng found in local suburbs. Tak Fung owner explore different kinds of new food invention and put them on the racks ready to serve. Please do support them during the epidemic times when vacant.

Angela Fung